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Big Fish Audio has incredible loops/samples to keep you "jazzed" for a long time! Big Fish is a recognized leader of the highest quality sample libraries available. Big Fish has an extensive selection of the finest sample library & sound effects in the world.

Drums, Keys, Bass, Guitars, Brass, Horns, and hundreds of other sampled musical instruments are ready for you to use for your next Jazz recording project!  Questions????




Whether you are a keyboardist, producer, composer, or arranger you can have some of the hottest studio musicians sit in with you on your recordings by using Big Fish Samples and Loops!

All Big Fish Audio Products are License Free!
No clearance forms or additional licenses are required to use Big Fish samples in your production. Big Fish Sounds are featured in hundreds of charting songs and top film scores.

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                          Jazz Quartet               

There are no long lines to get into this legendary jazz club! With over 80 Construction kits of the most useable jazz you'll find anywhere, this collection is simply beautiful. The sophisticated, satisfying sounds of piano, bass, drums and guitar, come together in perfect harmony. Whether you need a cozy and intimate setting, or a grand concert hall feel, these recordings will give you an authentic jazz environment. Kits from 52 to 148 bpm, completely broken out in WAV/REX and Apple Loops. Seek a new level of artistic expression with the diversity of these timeless performances!


                 Elements: Traditional Jazz

Jazz, "a genre of music characterized by a strong rhythmic understructure, blue notes, and improvisation on melody and chord structure." Experience traditional jazz in its purest form. If your productions call for authentic jazz, the complex yet simple sound of these construction kits are your foundation. Moody piano, impulsive drums, expressive bass, and artistic guitar. Kits range from 65 to 129 bpm, in WAV, REX, and Apple Loops format. Unforgettable jazz is only a few notes away once you have the right elements.



              Greg Adams Big Band Brass

Put the power of a Big Band Brass section to work in your music! Performance Loops¨ producer Stephen Sherrard teams up with legendary trumpeter, composer, and arranger Greg Adams (Rod Stewart, Elton John, Linda Ronstadt, Lyle Lovett) to bring you over 4600 Big Band Brass loops and samples, ready to bring a new level of realism to your production. This DVD-ROM contains thousands of loops and samples from Greg's big band arrangements, recorded with the Greg Adams Jazz Orchestra and featuring a 14 piece horn section. All loops and samples are presented as both ACIDized Wave files and Apple Loop Format AIFF files.  If you're looking to add some huge sounding, hot brass to your productions, this is the product you need!


                         Jazz World

 Superbly recorded, engineered and played, "Jazz/World" is a consummate production from Harvey Summers. Sublime playing by some of the best session musicians and African master drummers that will blend seamlessly into your productions. The CD includes live played saxophones, flute, double bass licks and multis, keys, synths and a superb range of drum kits, hits, multis and exhaustive percussion loops and hits. All samples were recorded using a combination of vintage valve equipment alongside cutting edge digital technology to give you the best feel and quality. If you enjoy the sounds of Buena Vista social Club, the broken beat scene and the likes of Giles Peterson or even a more pure form of Jazz/World music, then you should check this CD out today!


Jazz Sessions

 Jazz Sessions is a unique sample collection bringing you all the vibes you would hope to hear at any great jazz club, and adds swing, soul and solid jazz attitude to your productions!

Featuring a huge 3Gig library of jazz samples played by seasoned professionals and captured with maximum realism and authenticity. Jazz Sessions is the consummate tool for jazz-influenced producers worldwide, whether you are looking to make pure traditional jazz, nu-jazz, broken beats, or are looking to melt a pure jazz feel into another style of music - Jazz Sessions will deliver what you need.

Boasting over 3000 separate wav files and including instruments such as Drums, Double Bass, Fretless Bass, Brass Sections, Flute Solos, Trumpets, Trombones, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Hammond, Piano and Rhodes samples and loops - this collection of jazz samples is truly unbeatable!

The CD features over 450 Swinging Jazz Drum Loops, 130 Percussion Loops, 160 Single Jazz Drum Samples, 200+ Double Bass samples, 140 Fretless Bass parts, 46 Brass Stabs, 160 Smoking Brass Section Riffs, 130 Flute Riffs, 110 sax Riffs, 100+Trombone parts, 150 Trumpet Solo sections, 170 Electric Guitar Riffs, 260 Electric Guitar Solo parts, 40 Nylon Guitar Loops, 96 Hammond Loops, 56 Old Jazz Piano Samples, 128 Piano Loops, 100+Rhodes Riffs, and also includes ready to play patches for Double Bass, Old Jazz Piano, Rhodes and 3 Drum kits.

If you need a great collection of smoking Jazz Samples from some of the top players available today, recorded with meticulous attention to detail, and always with that Jazz Club feel and energy - you need to sample Jazz Sessions from Loopmasters today!


                             Latin Jazz

If you know Jazz, you know the Escovedo family. For years Peter Michael Escovedo has been infusing his authentic Latin flavor in the music of artists such as Lionel Richie, Mariah Carey, George Michael, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Najee and more. And as an Emmy-nominated musical director who's performed with the likes of Marvin Gaye, Justin Timberlake, Celine Dion, Tito Puente, Herbie Hancock, Kenny G, Mary J Blige, Tower of Power, Santana and others, you won't find a more talented professional to add some genuine Latin flavor to your tv show, film score or radio hit. Salsa, rumba, songo, mambo, cha-cha, bolero, samba, and more are all represented here in 40 construction kits packed with plenty of spicy latin Jazz.

Demo 1  

Demo 2  

Latin Drums

Mark Walker lays down slamming Cuban, Brazilian, Puerto Rican and other Latin American rhythms* but this is not your typical Latin Percussion disc of traditional timbales and congas. What sets this one apart from all the others is that the loops are played on a full drum kit plus a complete assortment of hits and cymbals. The loops cover a HUGE variety of tempos and feel plus a section of superb drum hits that get up to nine levels of velocity!* some say the best ever recorded. If you liked Peter Erskine - Living Drums!, you're going to LOVE this! "..the loops are great... made me feel like I was at Carnival... The energy Mark Walker puts into the grooves makes it difficult to avoid grabbing an instrument and playing along." - Keyboard


Deep Fried Hammond

Welcome to Deep Fried Hammond by seasoned session player, who needs no introduction, Kenny Craddock (Van Morrison, Gerry Rafferty, Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Gus Dudgeon and more). In this 2 CD set (1 audio CD, 1 WAV CD-ROM), you will find Hammond performances complete with all of the incidental colour and character that make the instrument come alive. There's blips, scoops, eccentric glisses, leslie and drawbar changes, grunges- in fact a whole range of performance aids to add the reality and soul of live performance to you compositions. Whatever kind of music you make, these samples will always cut through the mix and add the unique colour and energy only the Hammond organ can bring.



 From the beaches, bars and clubs of Brazil, Argentina and Cuba, Loopmasters bring you an exclusive selection of inspirational afro latin samples and loops to blend into your productions.

Afro-Latin Producer brings you a huge selection of authentic live drumloops, brass samples, guitar riffs, live basslines, soft and expressive keys, live percussion loops, hits, patches, FX and vocals to merge into your tracks from some of the best session players available. Whether you are creating Latin House, Brazillian Drum and Bass, World Jazz tracks, or something more experimental, Afro Latin Producer will take you on a trip of inspiration through the rhythms and sounds of South American.



                   Freaky Jazzy Funky 

IGet your freak on with Rich Mendelson, the critically acclaimed producer of Phatter Phunkier! Rich assembled the East Coast's premier session talent, and contributed his own amazing production & programming skills to make this set pop like no other! Construction kits, drumloops, fills & sounds, bass loops, riffs & sounds, percussion loops & sounds, guitar, trumpet, trombone, flute, synths & more- plus midi files! With all this, it's a breeze to customize the loops and swap sample elements. "FJF is a generous helping of grooves ranging from Prince-esque loops with heavily effected snares and kicks to southern blues complete with dobro... 'I hear a lot of tasty stuff in this package.'" - Keyboard


                Freaky Jazzy Funky II

One of the biggest selling sample CDs of all time finally has a sequel! Yes, producer Rich Mendelson is back with more of his signature style in "Freaky Jazzy Funky 2." The first volume took the world by storm and can be heard in countless albums, television shows and major motion pictures across the world. "Freaky Jazzy Funky 2" boasts even more live funk like you've never heard before. Pumped full of construction kits, this set is laid down by top studio pros and full of live drums, poppin' and slappin' funky bass, wah guitar, nasty horns, sexy vocals, flutes, percussion, and a boatload more to fit all your funkin' needs. Tons of elements and variation to give you that live funk sound you've been needing with a touch of Jazzy goodness only possible from these groovy cats.


                           NuJazz City

A killer collection of massive construction kits covering such diverse styles as European Nu Jazz, Acid Jazz, 1960s Soul Jazz, 1970s Jazz Rock & Fusion, Latin Jazz and lots more. Featuring musicians who have recorded with such luminaries as Miles Davis, Ron Carter, Maynard Fergusson, Wynton Marsalis, Bill Evans, John Scofield, Hubert Laws, Freddie Hubbard, Spyro Gyra, Airto, Lee Rittenour, Randy Brecker, Roy Hargrove, Blood Sweat & Tears, and John Pattitucci. Includes acoustic bass, drums, keys, jazz guitar, trumpet, sax, flute, horns, congas, bongos, and hand percussion. Whether you like your jazz cool or hot, NU JAZZ CITY is the place to be!


Welcome to Nu Jazz City 2, the second installment of diverse construction kits covering such styles as European Nu Jazz, Acid Jazz, 1960s Soul Jazz, 1970s Jazz Rock & Fusion, Latin Jazz and more. This collection features more live played loops and grooves from musicians who have recorded with such luminaries as Miles Davis, Roy Hargrove, Wynton Marsalis, Ron Carter, Bill Evans, Maynard Ferguson, John Scofield, Hubert Laws, Freddie Hubbard, Spyro Gyra, Lee Ritenour, Blood Sweat & Tears, and more. Just like the first time around, this volume includes plenty of acoustic bass, drums, keys, jazz guitar, trumpet, sax, flute, horns, congas, bongos, and hand percussion. When it comes to cool and hot jazz, nothing has changed...Nu Jazz City is still the place to be.



Jazz  Drums       

Picture a smoky jazz club on the wrong side of town. It's 2am, and you're one of the last ones left listening. You can hear the swish and swing of the brushes on snare, the accent of the kick, never the same, always unpredictable and yet in the right spot. The ride and the hihat strike up a rhythmic conversation, and it's a pleasure to be listening in. With over 1000 drum loops from 50 to 200bpm, Jazz Drums is exactly what it says, the very soul and heart of jazz drumming. Whether it's a slow ballad, sparsely sprinkled with drum hits, to a fast moving river of fiery flams and rolls, Jazz Drums has the loops and performances you need for authentic jazz flavor.


                  Brush Artistry

Brush Artistry is a collection of classic and contemporary drum loops and samples that feature the wonderful sound of brushes! This beautifully recorded library contains a full variety of organic brush patterns, including traditional swing, be-bop swing, ballad swing, jazz waltz, bossa nova, samba and country, as well as modern six-eight, folk, funk and latin styles. Each brush style is recorded at multiple tempos and includes full kit loops, intros, fills, ending and "snare only" tracks. The unique "snare only" track for each style and tempo can be used with the included drum kit samples (or use your own!) for endless brush track possibilities. This collection contains an audio CD with over 71 minutes of loops and samples, an Acidized WAV CD-ROM version and a REX CD-ROM version.


A collection 30 massive construction kits (over 1300 loops) of downtempo, retro and free jazz styles infused with a hip hop groove. Inspired by the music of artists such as Guru, Herbie Hancock, Digable Planets, Donald Byrd, De La Soul, The Pharcyde, Groove Collective, and Jazzhole. ACID JAZZ CITY includes live and programmed drums, turntables, acoustic bass, guitar, keyboards, tenor sax, trumpet, flute, synths, congas, bongos and hand percussion. Featuring musicians who have played with Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis, Ron Carter, Sonny Rollins, Elvin Jones, Hubert Laws, Lonnie Liston Smith, and others.



Ron Carter - Bass Phrases

Legendary acoustic bass player, Ron Carter, has gone into the studio and played an incredible collection of brand new, original bass phrases- but this is no ordinary disc of just loops. Each phrase is truly a performance that captures the style and personality from this world-renown professional. At an average of 32 bars each and a progression from 80 to 100 beats per minute, there's so much variation and character, you could fit whole phrases, or merely parts of each, into just about anything you're producing. Ron Carter - Bass Phrazes raises the bar for sampled performances with its legendary quality and unmatched performance from a seasoned professional who's mastered the stand-up bass! ..."there's a lot of music on this disc, whether you take Ron's tracks whole or cut 'em up to use for spare parts. Every line has personality plus." - Keyboard



Funk Quartet

In the 1970's, funk was the soundtrack to the African-American experience. From the jazz-inflected funk of Roy Ayers and Lonnie Liston Smith, to the pop of Stevie Wonder, and the abstract freakouts of Eddie Harris and the iconic cartoon funk of Parliament/Funkadelic, this was the thread that held everything together. It was the death of bebop and the seeds of disco and hip hop. It challenged rock as king of the heap, and ultimately got a nation to shake its booty.

Producer Rich Mendelson has distilled funk down to its essence: guitar, bass, drums and piano. With Funk Quartet you can create entire funk-inflected tracks with the material's many variations, or just use individual loops to add that little head-noddin' extra. But however you use it, throw your chair out of the studio...Funk Quartet will keep you on your feet!


                   Smokers Delight

From the hit makers at e-Lab... this Big Fish top seller stays above the chart! Packed with lounginÕ MPC & turntable loops & phrases, loads of funky & dubby basses, jazzy horns & flutes, mellow guitars, vintage wurlitzers & rhodes, hip hop beats & cracklin' breaks. All you need to create that weed smokinÕ, head-spinning, chill-out monster you always dreamed of.

"5 out of 5 ...The kits exude a smoky, relaxed vibe that masks the actual complexity of the compositions." - SOS

"It won't be long before these samples start appearing on commercial recordings, so jump on this bandwagon before the rest of the gang beats you to it." - Keyboard Magazine



  Smokers Delight

The long awaited follow up to Smokers Delight is finally here!! 7 Gb on 2 DVD ROMS - Loads of smoking, velvet, souly, jazzy trippin, turntablebeats and samples.

5000 24 Bit Loops & Samples in 3 formats; WAV, REX2 & a huge 2 Gb Reason REFILL.

WAV SECTION (24 BIT) 5012 Loops & Samples in 80, 90 & 100 Bpm. Vinylstyle Break- beats, Hiphop Loops, Hh-Rim Dub Loops, Percussion Loops, Fender Jazz Bass Loops, Rhodes Piano Riffs & Chords, Turntable Fx & Music Loops. Flute, Tenor Sax & Trumpet Riffs, Electric Piano & Vinylstyle Music Chords, HipHop Drum & Fx samples.

REX2 (Stylus RMX prepared) 1163 24 Bit Rex2 Loops & Multi-Rex Files. Breakbeats, MPC Hiphop Loops, Percussion Loops, Bass Loops,Rhodes Riffs & Chords, Fx & Turntable Music Loops. Multi-Rex Flute, Tenor Sax, Trumpet Riffs, RhodesPiano Chords, Vinylstyle Music Loops.

REFILL (Reason 3.0) 4755 24 Bit Rex2, Multi-Rex & Wav Samples. Vinylstyle Breaks, Hiphop Drum Loops, Hh-Rim Dub Loops,Organ Beatbox Loops, Shaker, Conga & other Percussion Loops, Fender Jazz Bass Loops, Rhodes Riffs & Chords, Fx & Turntable Music Loops, Flute, Tenor Sax, Trumpet Riffs, Rhodes Piano Chords, VinylstyleMusic Loops, HipHop Drum, Fx & Percussion samples. Combinator, Redrum, NN-XT and Effect Patches.


Demo 1  

Demo 2  

Demo 3  



Smooth jazz construction kits

Big Fish Audio Suite Grooves Sample Library DVD Specifications:

  • Format:
  • AIFF/Apple
  • Loops/REX/WAV/RMX

Compatible with virtually every type of software/sequencer, ect.


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Smooth jazz construction kits

Suite Grooves Sample Library has over 4.3 GB of smooth sax, trumpet, keys, guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion and more. The '90s saw the birth of a new instrumental genre called smooth jazz. Born by combining the great funky jazz instrumentals of the '70s with the keep em' on the floor R&B dance grooves of the late '80s, smooth jazz has become a constant on radio airwaves across the country. Likewise, producer Jeff Carruthers has become a constant when it comes to making smooth jazz hits. After arranging hits for such artists as Peter White, Boney James, Paul Brown, Jeffrey Osborne, Euge Groove, Jimmy Sommers and more, Jeff has used his vibe to create this DVD full of the sweetest grooves you've ever heard. Get started on a Suite Groove of your own.

Suite Grooves Sample Library Contains
•4.36 GB on discs (1.82 GB of WAV files)
•29 construction kits
Each construction kit contains a main demo mix and a folder of "drum tracks" Some kits also have a folder of hits when one shot samples were used in the drums
•Drum tracks give you access to the multi track drums allowing you to adjust and remix the drums entirely


Big Fish Audio Suite Grooves Sample Library DVD Features:

  • Instruments include:
  • drums
  • piano
  • saxes
  • trumpets
  • bass
  • congas
  • bongos
  • strings
  • guitars
  • rhodes
  • moogs
  • ep's
  • various percussion