Bob Michalski


Bob Michalski is a woodwind player and Christian recording artist. Bob's focus and desire is to share his passion for jazz with an unmistakable spiritual dimension. So Bob started ReedMan  music ministry. Bob shares that the essence of Reedman music can be summed up in the following statement, "The music is jazz...the message is hope!

"I feel closest to God while listening to jazz music" says Michalski. "There's just something special about the unusual chords, rhythm and melodies in jazz."

ReedMan Music originally started out as a radio program in South Carolina called "JC Jazz" so it's no surprise that jazz is the medium used to entertain as well as bring listeners into an atmosphere of praise and worship.

Throughout the Bible music is used to encourage God's people and provide a means and avenue for celebration. More importantly music (both instruments and voices) is used to praise and worship God. ReedMan Music seeks to continue these traditions ... utilizing today's musical styles and instrumentation to entertain, encourage and open people's hearts to the love and presence of God.

ReedMan Music is proud to offer Bob Michalski's debut CD "Transparence". It's a collection of songs that range from jazz to worship. Many of the songs are primarily instrumental with beautiful backup vocals. Other selections utilize both words and music to express heartfelt emotion and praise. The project features many talented musicians and singers from North and South Carolina and is proof positive that the whole is certainly greater than the individual parts.

This is a fresh project that has fused gospel with jazz and is sure to be a treat for the listener.



                 A Dios Sea La Gloria         Can't You See?         I Want Jesus To Walk  With Me  

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