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Cyrus began his musical career at the age of six, playing piano at his hometown Baptist Church in Baltimore. He continued studies at Peabody University and then graduated from Berklee College Of Music. He then began working as a side man for Terence Blanchard, Wynton and Branford Marsalis, Chick Corea, Dizzy Gillepsie, Donald Harrison, and many others. He also worked with vocalists Jon Hendricks, Joe Williams, and Betty Carter.

Besides working as a sideman, as a leader he has released many great recordings! In 2001 he released, "Soul Food" featuring Christian McBride, drummer Lewis Nash and special guests James Carter, Stefon Harris, Wycliffe Gordon, and Marcus Printup.  This recording was included in DownBeat magazines list of best recordings in 2002 and ascended to the "top ten" on the jazz charts! He has also played with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, The Dizzy Gillepsie Big Band, and the Carnegie Hall Jazz Orchestra.

Cyrus continually tours with his trio, playing live at Jazz festivals around the world as well as clubs and concerts. As he describes, " I'm trying to bring the spirit of joy to as many places as possible!"  Cyrus shares, "my latest CD, "You Are My Sunshine", is an attempt to dig deep into the spiritual forces that drives music". Music needs to be enjoyed," Chestnut continues. "Pure pleasure is important"!

Review of Cyrus Chestnut's, "Blessed Quietness"

"It is a wonderful thing when the skill in a musician's hands is wedded to affection for God in his heart. Cyrus Chestnut brings that powerful combination to the keyboard, and it is most evident in this recording.

Blessed Quietness has it all: boisterous exultation in God's glory, quiet adoration of God's beauty, thoughtful contemplation of God's love, pleas for God's mercy and help, playful frolics in God's joy. That Cyrus Chestnut can say all this so clearly through a piano says a lot about his hands, mind, and heart. Listening to him play is a distinct pleasure.

Lest non-Christians think, based on what I've written so far, there isn't anything here for them, I will say this: there's plenty of flat-out good jazz here that anyone can enjoy. The devil doesn't have all the good music, you know. And if this recording is any indication, God still has the very best music!"

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Here is Cyrus Chestnuts new CD release!

Genuine Chestnut

Genuine Chestnut

Audio samples here!

Genuine Chestnut CD


El Numero Tres

Baby Girl's Strut

Lord I Give Myself To You

                                                                          You Are My Sunshine          

                                                                                        You Are My Sunshine : Cyrus Chestnut       

You Are My Sunshine CD


God Has Smiled On Me 


Precious Lord Take My Hand 

Pass Me Not 

Blessed Quietness


    Blessed Quietness CD

Blessed Quietness

The Old Rugged Cross

What A Friend We Have

 Soul Food

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