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My music experience started way back to when I was a kid and my dad would invite us to watch the army independence parade with the " Military band ". I remember being so fascinated watching the band & troops with special effects from the drum major giving signals to end the music. I used to be so pleased with the synchronization of the band & troops in their lovely uniforms.  I joined the Nigerian Army after college and it wasn't surprising that I was posted to the "Military Band". --Ayo

Ayo studied the rudiments of music at the Nigerian army school of music in 1987, and was posted to 82 nd Division Band of the Nigerian Army as a trombonist with exceptional skills on the trombone. Ayo Awe Joseph later resigned from the Army in September 1992 out of the desire to make his music more purposeful.

Ayo Awe Joseph went on to found the group the  "Brass Serpent", a pioneering band for social activities within the church community. He later formed another band "Jazz Epistle" in 1999 with Steve Ebhodaighe as pianist and his younger brother Davidson on drums. The band consisted of 3 trumpeters, 2 singers, a pianist,  drummer,  bassist,  percussionist and a saxophonist playing a fusion of Afrrican jazz/gospel with a lot of "musical influence" from Fela Anikulapo Kuti .The band played road shows in Olde English piano Bar Festac town, The Lord's club Maryland, The Wood House Surulere, Terris burger Surulere, and the Planet 44 Golden Gate restaurant .

Ayo plays Jazz  in a variety of settings both within the church community and beyond.  Ayo shares that, "God is doing an amazing work here with us in Nigeria. Christian Jazz worship is a field that I am presently pioneering here. People here are been renewed by this music! I am so excited about what God is doing by using jazz as a genre to touch and renew the spiritual life of the church. I see
men coming into an awesome experience with God and finding joy in their creator."

Ayo rents out buildings at least once a month to play jazz music that packs a spiritual punch. He calls it " The Eternal Jazz Club"!  Basically the  Eternal Jazz Club is for people seeking a social/spiritual refreshing through the medium of jazz.  Ayo states that, "jazz for me is a tool for ushering in the presence of God in my life and the live's of others. I also invite friends as guests to play along with me. It's a mission to the people and a ministry to me."

Ayo's  new CD,"WHAT A FRIEND" was.co- produced by Wole Oni an accomplished jazz pianist. The music on this CD captures the many moods of the Spirit - life. The title track "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" sets the tone. The style of the music is a  traditional straight ahead jazz piece yet the music is dolce “tenderly sweet” it does not jump at you, it relaxes your nerves. A real medicine for our time, and Ayo's desire is that you enjoy it again and again!

Ayo presently lives in Lagos Nigeria , West Africa . He is happily married to his wife "Toyin and they have a beautiful daughter named "Feola.

Audio samples

     What A Friend  CD


Higher Place

Stand Up And Dance

What A Friend We Have In Jesus


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For further information or booking details please e- mail Ayo at: ayoawejoseph@canada.com or phone 234-803 3290103.



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