Adlan Cruz


At the age of three Adlan he began to play the piano by ear. His inclination for classical music and his passion for the piano inspired him, two years later, to pursue and master his talent. His technique was cultivated by two of the most prominent concert pianists in the western hemisphere, Rosita Casanova and Violeta de la Mata. After much study he was awarded finest pianist of his graduating class the medal for Highest Honor, granted by the Ernesto Ramos Antonini School of Music back in his homeland.

 In 1989 he composed and recorded the soundtrack for the motion picture “ The Dancer.” That same year he released his first album on religious music entitled “ Instrument of Praise,” which was nominated later on for the “Tu Música” Awards. This versatility opened a new opportunity for the next 5 years, to present a combined program throughout the churches and concert halls in Countries such as Holland, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and USA. Equally in demand playing jazz and classical numerous symphony orchestras have invited Adlan to feature performances such as L.V. Beethoven’s Second and Third Piano Concertos, S. Rachmanioff’s romantic Concerto No.2 and G. Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.

Adlan has played concerts throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. After the vast exposure to diverse cultures throughout the Globe, Adlan dedicated his efforts to combine his classically trained techniques with the ethnic rhythms of the various countries he has visited, hence giving birth to his CD, “The Piano According to Adlan”. His openness to folkloric music prompted him to identify with his roots, hence incorporating vigorous Puerto Rican, Flamenco, AfroCuban and South American rhythms to his grand piano melodies.

In 1993 he released another recording named “ The Way for the Giver,” inspired by Proverbs 18:16, being featured in talk shows such as CBN’s 700 Club with Pat Robertson and in crusades with Billy Graham, Nicky Cruz and Ron Kenoly. Notable recording artists such as Abraham Laboriel, Justo Almario, Chester Thompson, David Sanchez, Jorge Laboy and Pepe Ojeda were involved in this project.

"We know that when his music is heard the hurting will be restored, the happy will rejoice even more and all who hear will drawn closer to God."
- Justo Almario & Abraham Laboriel

"Dominio total del piano e impresionante oído."
- David Sánchez

He also played on Ron Kenloy's Latin Worship CD, "Solo Para Ti" displaying his talents for applying authentic montunos and Latin jazz  piano styles to contemporary worship songs.

"Adlan is one of the brightest and most talented musicians of our time. I have worked with many of the best artists and concert performers on today's Christian Music Scene. Adlan is not overshadowed by any of them and is without question the most gifted pianist that I have worked with." -Ron Kenoly

His latest release, The Pianoforte Collection contains 2 CD's encompassing the many styles and musical flavors that Adlan can write and play.

The Pianoforte Collection

Audio samples

       Colors Of The Caribbean            

           Heavenly Breezes                 

                                                                                  Di Tierra Adentro   

Corazon Flamenco  

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