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Network Newsletter Winter 2008

CJA Network Featured Interview:  

Jazz Pianist James Weidman New York-based pianist James Weidman is indisputably one of the world's top sidemen. Over the years he has played and recorded with musicians as diverse as Max Roach, Woody Herman, Archie Shepp, James Moody, Greg Osby, Marty Ehrlich, Bobby Hutcherson, Slide Hampton, Jay Hoggard, Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Gloria Lynne, Dakota Staton, Steve Coleman and the Five Elements and the M-Base Collective. He has also been the accompanist of choice for some great Jazz singers, including jazz vocalists Abbey Lincoln, Cassandra Wilson. and Ruth Naomi Floyd. James was also co-leader (with saxophonist TK Blue) of the Afro-Caribbean-Jazz quartet, Taja. Recently, he has been touring internationally with saxophonist Joe Lovano.

James shares his thoughts on his music, the challenge of playing as a sideman, playing jazz in church, and the spiritual connection between God and music. Read the interview!...

CJA Network Featured Devotional

Angels Can Fly!

The Lent season is a perfect time to pause and deeply reflect on our spiritual journey.  Jesus once said, "Take no thought for your life, or for the body what you should put on". It was only too obvious to Jesus that the majority of men and women that he came in contact with were overly preoccupied with concerns over possessions, and burdened down by the resulting stress, anxiety, and worry. How can we make this journey we are on lighter? The Lent season can be an opportunity to give up, let go, and give away some of the burdens and clutter that weighs us down. There is a great jazz song, "Angels Can Fly". (CJA Network Member Vocalist Carol Frazier has a great recording of this song...more info/audio sample here!)

The lyrics state that: 

"Angels can fly 'cause they take themselves lightly,
Their carried on currents of love through the sky;
So when you're weighed down don't hold on so tightly,
Lighten up a little and you will know why,
Angels Can Fly".

As we look forward to Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday perhaps now is a perfect time to "lighten up" a little!  Make a serious attempt to get rid of anxiety and anxious care. And when we do "lighten up" by putting aside the things that preoccupy us, we may find ourselves soaring up above the clouds of worry and despair. We will also be able to more fully appreciate the wonder of the cross and hope of the resurrection! Remember, it is Jesus who promised us that if we come to Him and put into practice what He advises that we will find rest for our souls! Devotional by David Arivett - CJA Network Founder


Celebrate and promote jazz in churches!

Attention all artists, musicians and newsletter subscribers! Ask your pastor or church to have a jazz concert, jazz worship service, or Jazz vespers service at your local church! Tell them about your ministry playing jazz to the glory of God! If you are a fan                 share with your church your love for jazz and favorite CJA network artists - and how to contact them for an engagement! Promote jazz music in the sanctuary!!


Recording a CD Project???

Need musicians or producers for a recording project? Then seriously consider contacting and using our network artists! The majority of our artists are seasoned veterans as studio session musicians, producers, and arrangers. Many of them have their own studios and are experts in laying down the tracks you need! With new technology you can hire an artist from anywhere to do the work - you don't have to live in the same area at all anymore! Visit the CJA Network directory to contact your favorite Christian Jazz Artists here!

CJA Network Members Spotlight

Christian Jazzers Celebrate Their Musical Gifts!


New CD Releases by our CJA Network Members!

Pat Coil - "Bird House"

Jazz Pianist/Composer Pat Coil has a wonderful new CD recording of his jazz sextet featuring original compositions ranging from hard bop, soulful ballads, contemporary jazz, and Latin/jazz. Musicians/instruments include Jim White - drums, Craig Nelson - bass, George Tidwell - trumpet, Barry Green - trombone, and Mark Douthit - sax, and Pat on piano. For more info/hear samples visit here!

restoredRon Brown - "Restored"
Stellar Award nominated saxophonist Ron Brown returns with his new release, "Restored", taking his gospel jazz ministry to another level.
Featured musicians include: Kirk Whalum, Jerry Paters, Tim Kepler, , Makeda, Doc Powell, and Jon DeCuir. 

For more info/hear samples visit here!


Louie Bellson -  "Louie & Clark Expedition 2"

Louie's new CD marks the historic reunion of legendary drummer Louie Bellson and trumpeter Clark Terry.  Expedition 2 is more than an encore or swan song for the robust 83 year-old Bellson and 87 year-young Terry; it is, indeed, a celebration of life and a musical tribute to big band! For more info/hear samples visit here!


Inspired CD Patty Peterson Patty Peterson -  "Blessings"

Patty and the incredibly talented Peterson family have a new CD entitled "Blessings"  which includes Jeanne Arland Peterson, (the matriarch of the family), Linda Peterson, Patty Peterson, Billy Peterson, Ricky Peterson, Paul Peterson, Russ Peterson, Tommy Peterson, Jason Peterson and eight of the third Peterson generation!  To hear samples visit here!


Cyrus Plays Elvis    Cyrus Chestnut - "Cyrus Plays Elvis"

 The elegant, spacious, fluid piano stylings of Cyrus Chestnut seem a strange outlet for the simple, rough-and-tumble country-pop songs of the King, but magic happens on this 2007 release "Cyrus Plays Elvis". Cyrus Chestnut (piano, Fender Rhodes piano) Mark Gross (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone) Dezron L. Douglas (bass guitar) Neal Smith (drums). For more info/hear samples visit here!


RAY LYON: Beginning To See

Ray Lyon -  "Beginning To See"

Jazz pianist Ray Lyon has a new CD release  which expands the palette of contemporary jazz styles found on his earlier works with a diverse and eclectic mix of instrumental and for the first time includes vocal music. Make sure you read Ray's review in the March 2008 issue of Jazz Times!  Joining Ray are guest appearances by saxophonist Ed Maina, and drummers Jonathan Joseph, Jonathan C. Genck and Mark Griffith. For more info/hear samples visit here!


James Weidman -  "All About Time"

Vibraphonist Jay Hoggard, Bassist Ed Howard, drummer Marcus Baylor and singer Charene Dawn join Weidman on "All About Time", a CD on which Weidman's lyrical and soulful playing really shines. Whether he's playing with the full ensemble "Memories of You", or solo piano, as on Monk's "Ugly Beauty", the sure-footed set of standards and originals this CD has plenty of great jazz to enjoy and savor! For more info/hear samples visit here!

Nelson Boschman -  "Keeping Time Vol. 2".

Jazz Pianist Nelson Boschman has a new CD release  The songs in this recording correspond to the season of the liturgical year (also known as the "church year" or "Christian calendar"). The songs are written and/or arranged by Nelson Boschman. The CD features 'straight ahead' jazz music with Nelson's Trio.  For more info/hear samples visit here!


Rich Severson - " The Wes Side Of Haven"

Guitarist Rich Severson has a new CD " The Wes Side Of Haven" with the group JAZZ 3:16. Rich Severson is on guitar, Todd Johnson on 6 string bass and Gary Newmark on drums. The CD features both originals and great jazz standards. Enjoy the energy and spirit of this jazz power trio. Tracks include: The Wes Side of Heaven (original by Rich) * Stella by Starlight * Four * Fried Pies * My Beloved * Goin' Home (two originals by Todd Johnson) * Autumn Leaves * Meditation * Au Privave * Shadow of Your Smile and Satin Doll. For more info/hear samples visit here!

DAVID MORA: Conga LoveDavid Mora - "Conga Love"

David Mora's debut CD  "The CD contains an eclectic mixture of Jazz, Straight or Latin, Brazilian, Rumba, R&B, Funk, Blues and Spirituals.  Guest musician's on "Conga Love" include Alex Acuna, Acuna's daughter Regina on vocals, Justo Almario, Joe Rotundi, John Pena, Bobby Rodriguez, Francisco Torres, Victor Pantoja, and Bobby Loya. For more information and audio samples visit here! 


ANDRE AVELINO: Aliento De Vida (Breath of Life)Andre Avelino - "Breath Of Life"

Guitarist Andre Avelino has a new CD release - "Breath Of Life" which is an instrumental potpouri of praise via rhythms of the African Diaspora as expressed in the Carribbean / Latin America, Bomba Sica, Samba, Cha Cha featuring some of the most sought after musicians of Puerto Rico and U.S.A. Hear audio samples here!


    Christian Jazzers Celebrate Their Musical Gifts!

Chuck Marohnic -  Jazz Pianist Chuck Marohnic keeps very busy both as a pianist for his trio and quintet, as well as his involvement with "Music Serving The Word" ministries. This unique ministry has created a "Home Jazz Vespers" series that features both local and national jazz performers who wish to express their talents in a real spiritual setting. It was decided to allow each artist to express their own sense of their relationship to God through their musical talents. To date this series has proved to be a blessing and there have been ten Jazz Vespers events that included visits by Bob Ravenscroft & Dwight Kilian, jazz pianist Bill Carter, and Portland bassist David Friesen (whose trio session was recorded 'live' and will be released as a CD for MSW.) More on Chuck here!

Patty Peterson -  Patty recently celebrated the one year anniversary of Patty surviving her Emergency Heart Operation. Patty Peterson appeared with the TC Jammers, featuring Bobby Vandell, Billy Franze, Donnie La Marca and Mark Weisberg at the Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant. When Patty and The Jammers opened for the David Sanborn Band at the Minnesota Zoo a while back, they decided that performing together needed to become a habit. This weekend they will be performing their special blend of R&B, Smooth Jazz and Funk. We all celebrate with Patty her survival and are very thankful that she is back performing at full strength! More On Patty here!

Alex Acuna -  Alex will be appearing at the Crescent Jazz Festival March, 7 - 8th 2008 in Provo, Utah. He also will be performing in Southeast London, England at the Henry Wood Hall. For more on Alex visit here!

Scott Wilson - Trumpeter/Arranger Scott Wilson has been selected by AKAI to play and produce a demo video for the new EWI4000 windsynth. (If you are an instrumentalist who has played a wind controller or would like to purchase one just contact Scott. (He can arrange a discount price for you!) In January 2008 Scott performed with Benny Green on piano, Carl Allen on Drums and Ben Wolfe on bass. Videos will be available soon and are a part of the Juilliard Jazz Rhythm Section Workshop promotions. More on Scott Wilson here!

Pat Coil Has a new CD with his sextet.  A release party for the new CD "Bird House" will be held Sunday March 16th, 2008 at the Nashville Jazz Workshop.  It starts at 4pm and will feature the Pat Coil Sextet. He also has a new book " Confessions Of A Working Piano Player - A Guide For The Aspiring Keyboard Player". Charts for many of his compositions are now available as well. For more on Pat visit here!

James Weidman -  James recently performed a solo gig at the Public Library Hartford, CT  for a Pre- Super Bowl Concert. He and his trio also joined together with Jazz Vocalist/composer Ruth Naomi Floyd for a Jazz Vespers service at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Feb. 10th, 2008. Another upcoming Jazz Vespers will be at Trinity Lutheran Church in Jersey City, NJ on March 17th. For more on James visit here!

Jeff Newell -   On Jan. 15th  Jeff Newell's New-Trad Trio performed at the Tamboril restaurant in Brooklyn, NY for some Brassy Blues, a little Zydeco, a few Hymns, lots of hot New Orleans Rhythm,& some killin' Nuevo Latino Cuisine!  Jeff Newell's New-Trad Trio will also present a uniquely contemporary look at traditional American music — from 19th Century hymns to Cole Porter to Hank Williams—in the intimate chamber music setting offered by Bargemusic.  Before a beautiful view of the Lower Manhattan skyline, this trio of musicians will follow a common thread in American music, allowing a nation's musical story to unfold. Concert Date: February 28
8:00 P.M. Bargemusic Brooklyn's Fulton Ferry Landing by the Brooklyn Bridge.
More on Jeff Newell here!

Randy Bernsen - Randy has been keeping very busy with engagements at the Van Dyke Cafe, the Shizen Japanese Cuisine restaurant, and appearances at the at Peacock Park in Cocunt Grove( South Florida's hippest and longest running outdoor food and jazz festival) For more on Randy visit here!

As you can see our network artists are keeping very busy - to the glory of God!

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Food for the jazz soul - Inspirational Quote.

" [Some people] have a wonderful capacity to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy."          A.H. Maslow

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