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Make sure that you visit the CJA page and listen to the great music all of our artists create!  We are very proud  to have so many talented Jazz artists part of the CJA!

Visit the CJA page here

Todd Billingsley

Great Jazz Hymn Arrangements for the Worship band 

Horn Charts Available!

Preview them here!

Smooth Pizzazz Radio broadcasting Great Jazz Music all over the world!

Smooth Pizzazz is now ranked 17th out of 120 Jazz stations on Live 365!  Besides the United States, Canada, Japan, The Bahamas, Norway, Switzerland, Brazil, and many other countries are tuning in! Over 1600 hours (commercial free) listeners have tuned in to enjoy the unique blend of Jazz styles being broadcast!!

Smooth Pizzazz is an Internet Radio Station featuring Christian Jazz Artists playing jazzed up arrangements of traditional Hymns, worship choruses, and everything in between!! There are inspiring quotes and inspiring music by great Christian Jazz Artists.  Listen to it at work or at home while you work or answer e-mails! Help support the CJA and spread the word as well. Tune in--just follow the link below!

Hear Smooth Pizzazz Radio now

Free CJA Downloads!
Each month we have free downloads, Mp3's, midi files, and charts. All our past newsletters and downloads are still available!
June Free Downloads!
CJA Member Jamie Reid's beautiful soprano sax "smooth jazz" rendition of                  
CJA Member Todd Billingsley & Causeway's Hot Latin version of
CJA Member David Arivett's new Funky Jazz Worship Song,
  Featured Midi File Download:
Hot midi file that matches the funky arrangement from  "Sister Act II"
(These midi files are provided solely for educational purposes. You can open them up in your sequencer and follow along with the score. You can slow down the tempo for deeper study and analysis!)


Give It Up!

(Written By Chuck Marohnic)

Now if you want a lift, 

You've got to see that everything's a gift (give it up!)

It's not yours anyhow,

Can't keep it all so offer up some now ( give it up!)

When life's just so and so,

You got to try and learn to let some go (give it up!)

Make room for something new let old stuff go 

and new will come to you (give it up!)

So give it up 

And let it go

So give it up

And watch it grow

and give it up

and let it go

So give it up!

Copyright Sanctuary Jazz Publications-2002

Preview Chuck Marohnic's song, "Give It Up" here!

Celebrate Today!

( By David Arivett )

I'm gonna' celebrate today Lord,

I'm gonna' party in your name Lord,

For I once was a stranger,

And I was headed for danger

But you found me,

Your love surrounds me

Now I'm part of Your family,

You changed me, 

You re-arranged me

And now living my life for You means everything!

Today I'm gonna' celebrate!

Today I'm gonna' celebrate!

Copyright 2002 Songs Of David Publishing

Preview David Arivett's song, " Celebrate Today" here!

Welcome to the Christian Jazz Artists Newsletter!
June 2004

A monthly e-newsletter from Songs Of David designed to keep you encouraged, informed, and aware of all the helpful resources that are available to you as a Christian jazz musician, worship leader, worship band member, or just a jazz lover!  
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~ This Month's Issue  ~ 

Featured Article: "If God were a magician or dictator, then we might expect the universe to be finished all at once and remain eternally unchanged...but God is not a magician but a creator. And this God is much more interested in promoting freedom and adventure than in preserving the status quo"! CJA Member  David Arivett shares insights about God, New Songs, and Jazz in his article about  "A New Song".  Read entire article here!

Featured Interview: They put their contemporary spin of jazz, samba, guajira, and even a little mambo with favorite hymns of yesterday. CJA member  Todd Billingsley shares more details about playing and making music with his hot  group Causeway –  Read entire interview here!

Welcome New CJA Members!

We are very proud to add 4 new CJA members!

Randy Bernsen 

Randy Bernsen has played to audiences all over the World. He brings with him an exciting fusion guitar sound. Randy is currently touring with the Jaco Pastorius Big Band which has received great reviews and critical acclaim! Randy also appeared recently in JAZZIZ magazine as one of top ten unsigned guitarists in their APRIL special guitar issue!

"Calling me Back Home", is the latest studio recording of the guitarist formerly with the Zawinul Syndicate.  His recordings have featured artists of varying styles...from Herbie Hancock,  Joe Zawinul,  Bob James, Joe Sample, Wayne Shorter, Michael Brecker, Peter Erskine, to Bruce Hornsby, and many others.  Randy also recorded and played with the late great Jaco Pastorious!

He also has a project underway produced by a local church - a "Christian jazz project"!!! When Randy isn't on the road he also plays on Sundays for worship time at Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale.

Chad Lawson Trio 

In the spring of 2001, the Chad Lawson Trio was born. With Lawson on piano, Zack Page on bass, and Al Sergel on drums, this unique combination of talented and spiritual musicians has enjoyed a very special connection between jazz music and spirituality.  

Chad Lawson studied at Berklee College of Music. His debut release was hailed as, "one of the favorites of the year", by the Gavin report. 

How is their Christian faith expressed in their music? "People see you for who you are," Lawson says. "They'd rather have service, than lip service."

"Our ministry is our lives,"  drummer Al Sergel adds. "Our music is the extension of our lives, played out for the audience to view. I'm on part-time staff as a worship leader at my church. There are similarities between our concerts and worship.

The humility of their faith is expressed in their lives and music. It's also expressed in the dedication on their CD cover: "Thank God for His Son, life, creativity and constant inspiration."

Bill Carter & the Presbybop Quartet  

The Presbybop Quartet is a musical venture of Bill Carter, jazz pianist and Presbyterian minister. Based in northeastern Pennsylvania, this group of consummate professionals has presented concerts and jazz worship services in churches around the country. The band has been turning heads on the musical scene - and adding new dimensions to the faith and worship of the Christian church. To date, Bill's Presbybop Quartet has recorded four compact discs: Faith in a New Key, Dancing Day, Fragile Incarnation, and Stand On Your Head.

Bill Carter spends most of his time as a busy pastor in a bustling church. Yet he keenly senses that God wants him to use his musical gifts as a means of reaching people with the good news of God's grace, peace, and joy. His jazz ministry has received national recognition, and has served as a model for integrating the arts in Christian ministry.

Jamie Reid

Jamie Reid is a sax player and has been playing Christian music for over 20 years. He has participated in many types of ministries including local church ministries, youth services, National Teen Talent Competitions, mission trips, ACT (Artist with a Christian Testimony), church conventions and Nashville Billy Graham Crusade. Jamie has also shared the stage with such artist as Jonathan Martin, Big daddy Weave, Brothers Keeper, and many others. Check out his beautiful smooth jazz rendition of "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" our featured free download for June!

CJA Network Members Notable News!

Alex Acuna recently joined together with some of the greatest drummers on the planet in Dallas, Texas for a 2-day drumming event. Featuring Alex Acuna, Carl Albrecht, Vinnie Colaiuta, Luis Conte, Sheila E., Will Kennedy and Marvin McQuitty to name a few. He also finished recording a DVD with Lee Ritenour called “Mister Brief Case” due to release later this year.

Ric Flauding and ensemble will be performing at Saddleback Church in Southern Calif. on Monday, June 14th at 7:00 PM for the "Gathering in Gethsemane".  More info on Ric's web site

Randy Bernsen plays on Friday nights at the Millennium Internet Cafe in Fort Lauderdale area. He also is touring with the Jaco Pastorius Big Band and will be touring in Europe as well. More info at

 Eric Copeland is holding a "Artists In Ministry" Workshop in Paris, IL. If you are in the Midwest, you don't want to miss this informative, fun seminar where everyone gets to play and sing, and learn how to have a more effective ministry!


Denver and the Mile High Orchestra recently played at Greer Stadium in Nashville for Faith Night. In addition to playing other churches in the Nashville area they also will play in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. For a complete itinerary visit here!

Pat Coil is touring with Michael McDonald this summer. To view the tour schedule visit here!  Make sure you go hear Pat as he plays keys for Michael in a city near you!

Jim Martinez recently played at the Underground Cafe in Roseville,  The Nevada City Jazz & R&B Fest, and the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Festival. Also plays this month in New York at St. Peter's Church and 1st Presbyterian in Katonah, New York. For complete itinerary visit here! 

Chuck Marohnic will be giving a presentation on jazz and creative music and how he and the Sanctuary Band do it for the "Studio Worship Service" at the Jazz In the Church Conference in Stony Point, NY.

Bradley Sowash has recently arranged several hymns and spirituals for jazz combo which are available online here. He also has been very busy playing Jazz worship services in Ohio and Iowa. More on Bradley's schedule here!

George Furlow recently collaborated (played Sax) with David Arivett on David's Latin-flavored arrangement of "Doxology", which will appear on the new CJA Hymn Compilation CD. Preview the song here! George also the privilege of playing sax and flute at T.D. Jakes Church (The Potters House) in Dallas, TX.

    Michael Ripoll and Nu- Soul has been performing at Cafe 123 in Nashville. If you live in the Nashville area( and our ready for some, "Cuban Funk Flamenco Soul") please go and groove with Michael!

Greg Vail has recently been playing with the Rob Mullins Band in Huntington Beach, CA. Greg also recently played with Lao Tazor Band in Los Vegas, NV April 24th for the City Lights Jazz Festival. Greg also plays with New Life upcoming dates include: June 18-19 in San Fransisco.

Dean Mills will be playing at March Air Force Base in Riverside California as well as Marantha Chapel in San Diego, CA. More details here!

Ray Lyon recently made a trip to help with a Worship Conference in Gyor, Hungary. Teaming up with several other musicians from the Fort Lauderdale 1st Baptist they held clinics to help churches and their worship programs over there.

Jeff Kruh recently played at The Church In the Gardens In the NYC area. He will be performing June 26 at: The Turtle Bay Music School Manhattan, NYC

Gary Meggs has been busy playing churches and other venues in Arkansas. He share that " recently the market for Christian Jazz has started opening up". Gary has an upcoming concert in El Dorado, AR in an auditorium that seats 2000! If your in the area, go help him fill them up!

Rhonda McCoy will be a clinician and also singing at the Free 2 Worship Conference  Northern Virginia  June 30th --July 2nd. . The singer also just returned from a Missions trip to El Salvador where she sang as well as did other mission work.

John Carlson has accepted a new position as Instrumental Music Director with Parkview Church in Iowa City, Iowa.

David Diggs is working on a couple of string arrangements on Jonathan Butler’s new Christian Praise CD for Maranatha.

Smooth Pizzazz Radio is working on FM programming! Look for a list of FM stations in the future playing CJA Network Music exclusively!

As you can see Christian Jazz Artists are very busy celebrating their gifts!
We are jazzed about life...
We are jazzed about God!
Celebrate today and savor the music!
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Swing a New Song to the Lord!

Excellent printed collection of jazz arrangements  of congregational music from over a dozen prominent jazz composers and arrangers! Check it out here!

Resources for Jazz Worship

Great arrangements from Anderkamp Music that are accessible to the average church orchestra! Check it out here!


Thought provoking, yet highly singable jazz material for use in the Sanctuary!

Preview them here

Songs Of  David Jazz Worship Songs & Charts

Preview them here

Jazz Psalms

Daniel Richardson & Angel Napieralski

Preview them here

New Resources for Jazz Worship!

Our Jazz Worship Page is the place to get the very best charts for your church band or Orchestra anywhere on the Internet! Fresh new material to preview as well as "jazzed up" Hymn arrangements are available!

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Coming soon!  CJA Compilation CD!

Great new jazz arrangements of Hymns!

We are very proud to announce our first CJA compilation CD featuring CJA members playing Jazz arrangements of Hymns! We are working very hard on getting National distribution through one of the largest retail chains in the country! The CD will also be available online so keep you ears and eyes open for it!

Doing Church... With JaZz! 

( Written by Warren B. Cooper )

They say you can't do church with jazz 

As if God had no rhythm.

But the Bible says praise should have pizzazz.

Does the swing beat keep that hidden? 

To all things there is a time and a season,

But the voice sings, Jesus gives it a reason.

So how come it gets to be crime and treason

When somebody mixes church with jazz?

They say the church and jazz don't mix.

After all, you don't smoke cigarettes in the sanctuary.

They say broken rhythms never find a fix,

Somewhat like the wings of the tooth fairy.

There are fences that stand in the way of the sight,

Of the one who believes that to bebop at night

Is OK, and then says it, 'just isn't right'

To swing in the name of Jesus.

Friends, in plenty of time

Our vision must find,

That to praise with pizzazz is

Doing church...with jazz.


CJA Member Bill Carter has this picture on his web site with the following words...

"Just imagine: a joyful Jesus! Haven't we had enough of grim religion?"

Make a decision to Celebrate today and laugh with Jesus!