July 2005 CJA Network Editorial

CD Sales And The Christian Jazz Artist

Your CD is a reflection of the gifts and creativity that God has given you! Don't fall into the trap of thinking that the value and worth of your CD is based on CD sales alone! If you have worked hard to write or record music that you can share with others always remember that the songs and talent contained on the CD are a testimony to the gifts from a loving Creator.

Yes, a Creator that shares his gifts and abilities with us by sharing with us the gift of creativity, music, art, and the endless diversity of His bounty! The gift of music is priceless and worth far more than anything money can buy!!!

In a recent article in DownBeat magazine entitled, "Taking Back The Music" Jazz artist Jim Hall shares," this emphasis on making a lot of money (in music) is a bit disgusting. I've been making a living as an artist for 60 years, but music has a much deeper value. It's an art form that gives back to people".

As Christian Jazz Artists our system of values and how we think about things should be shaped by our faith and relationship with God! Our musical gifts must not be measured or valued by how much money we make from our CD sales! That kind of logic will rob you of the joy of playing, creating, and listening to the precious gift of music!  Keeping track on how well your CD sales and music measures up compared with others is tiring, time consuming and can send you off "ego-trippin"!!! 

But celebrating your musical gifts is an entirely different concept and it is absolutely exhilarating! Getting connected by playing your instrument for the sheer joy of playing is a very important step. And as you play just say a "thank you" to God for being the source of your musical talent. After all HE wants you to enjoy the gift and experience joy and peace as you play and create music. God wants you to be jazzed!

Whether you play privately or with others in the studio, in church, or in concert let an attitude of thankfulness and celebration dominate your playing and you will be jazzed! Both thankfulness and celebration are also two very important ingredients in worship and your underlying attitude will come through loud and clear in your music. Listeners can hear, tune in, and be blessed to your spiritual vibe!

As Christian Jazz Artists we all want people to hear our music and that includes buying our CD's. And there is nothing wrong with that desire unless it becomes so strong that it consumes us and begins to interfere with us celebrating our musical gifts. We live in a culture that promotes an outlook that can be contrary to our Christian belief's and can easily rub off if we're not careful.

Make sure that you are enjoying your musical gifts and celebrate today!

David Arivett  July 1, 2005