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Make sure that you visit the CJA page and listen to the great music all of our artists create!  We are very proud  to have so many talented Jazz artists part of the CJA!

Visit the CJA page here

Smooth Pizzazz Radio broadcasting Great Jazz Music all over the world!

Smooth Pizzazz is  ranked in the top 20 Jazz stations on Live 365!  Besides the United States, Canada, Japan, The Bahamas, Norway, Switzerland, Brazil, and many other countries are tuning in! Listeners all over the world are enjoying the unique blend of Jazz styles being broadcast!!

Smooth Pizzazz is an Internet Radio Station featuring Christian Jazz Artists playing jazzed up arrangements of Hymns, worship choruses, original material, and stylistically everything in between!! There are inspiring quotes and inspiring music by great Christian Jazz Artists.  Listen to it at work or at home while you work or answer e-mails! Help support the CJA and spread the word as well. Tune in--just follow the link below!

Hear Smooth Pizzazz Radio now

Smooth Pizzazz Radio listeners Joe A. Robinson and Lucile Packard from Palo Alto, CA  share these comments about Smooth Pizzazz Radio!
 Your radio station is a real blessing to me!! I stream your Internet radio station, "Smooth Pizzazz" here at work and it allows me to praise him, get centered, stay focused and increase my productivity all at the same time!!!"

 "You have also exposed me to some great Christian Jazz that I was not aware of!! I am going to tell others about Smooth Pizzazz radio station as well as direct them to your website. Keep up the good work!!!"


 Another satisfied listener!
                                         I just happened upon your internet radio station by searching for Christian jazz on the web.  I have listened to the one hour a week that my local Christian radio station plays Christian jazz and longed for more of the same.  I LOVE your stations selection of  jazz and the combo of inspirational music and jazz is great.  So, I wanted you to know that I appreciate what you are putting out here for the listeners and, myself in particular and I want to encourage you to continue for many, many years to come.  Thank you so much."--Karen Hunt  
This month on Smooth Pizzazz Radio we are featuring...!  
Pianist/Vocalist Deanna Witkowski's, "A Rare Appearance" and Cole Porter's, "From This Moment On"  from her CD, "Wide Open Window", and "Sanctus" display Deanna's incredible talent!
Singer Shauna Chanda's,
" In The Beauty Of The Lord" with Darren Rahn on Tenor Sax!

Camp Kirkland's jazzy arrangement for big band of the hymn, "Praise To The Lord The Almighty" from Prism Music's Glory Land Band series.

Saxophonist Mark McClure's Afro-Cuban rendition of the popular worship chorus, "Let It Rise" continues to chart well! Make sure you tune in to hear it!



Inspirational Quotes

Genesis 17:1 says, “I am the Strong God, live entirely before me, live to the hilt!” (The Message)


Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in
a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in a broadside,
thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming... "Wow! What a
ride!" --Anonymous


"Before, I always lived in anticipation...that it was all a preparation for something else, something “greater,” more “genuine.” But that feeling has dropped away from me completely. I live here and now, this minute, this day, to the full, and the life is worth living". - Etty Hillesum


"There are two ways to look at life. One is as though nothing is a miracle; the other is as though everything is". - Albert Einstein


"To me every hour of the day and night is an unspeakable perfect miracle". - Walt Whitman


"In order to be a realist you must believe in miracles".
-David Ben Gurion

"It is my fervent hope that we Christians will not be forever stuck in our Christianity. Look for something new; for a life in God. Look for God's spirit in everyone you meet". - C. F. Blumhardt

"The whole person is on the one side open to God, and on the other side open to other people. The isolated individual is not a real person, for a real person lives in and for others. This idea...could be summed up under the word love. We become truly personal by loving God and by loving other humans. By love, I don’t mean merely an emotional feeling, but a fundamental attitude. In its deepest sense, love is the life, the energy, of the Creator in us. We are not truly human as long as we are turned in on ourselves. We become whole only insofar as we face others, and relate to them". - Kallistos War




""I pity people who can’t find laughter or at least some bit of amusement in the little doings of the day. I believe I could find something ridiculous even in the saddest moment, if necessary. It has nothing to do with being superficial. It’s a matter of joy in life". - Sophie Scholl


Welcome to the Christian Jazz Artists Newsletter!
Feb/March 2005

A monthly e-newsletter designed to keep you encouraged, informed, and aware of all the helpful resources that are available to you as a Christian jazz musician, worship leader, worship band member, or just a jazz lover!  
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~ This Issue  ~ 

Featured Article: Playing Jazz  At Lasalle Street Church by Jazz Pianist/Vocalist Deanna Witkowski.  Get a "hands on" perspective from Jazz Pianist/Vocalist Deanna Witkowski as she shares about putting together jazz worship services! ... Read entire article here!

"Jazz Without Joy": A thought provoking (and even perhaps controversial) article about jazz, by Gary North can be found here!

Christian Jazz Artists Compilation CD!

"Don't let the title fool you! This delightful CD features arrangements that are jazzified and alternately funky, smooth and very mellow.  It's a great CD!" - (Reviewed by Brian Soergel Smooth Jazz Vibes) complete review at 


  CJA Network compilation CD featuring members playing Jazz arrangements of Hymns! 16 great renditions of Hymns served up in a wide variety of flavors!  To hear audio excerpts or to purchase this CD visit here! 


New Christian Jazz Music Email Discussion Group!
How Do You Define Jazz?
We are starting a e-mail discussion group about jazz, spirituality, jazz in the sanctuary, and other related topics. This discussion group is open to anyone interested. Whether your a fan, jazz artist, jazz educator, or jazz lover this discussion group wants to hear your thoughts, opinions, and ideas! The first topic of discussion has already started, " How Do You Define Jazz"?
 To subscribe to this group visit: 
To post a message send an e-mail to:

Christian Musicians Directory

                                                                                       Here is a directory that lists contact info on Artists, Composers, Producers, Studios, Instrumentalists, ect. This is a convenient way for you to be contacted by potential clients who are interested in your services, as well as encourage connecting and even collaborating with other Christian Musicians. If you want to be included in this list or want to check it out visit here!

Welcome New CJA Network Members!

We now have over 50 CJA Network Members!!

Jazz Pianist/Vocalist Deanna Witkowski  

32-year-old pianist/composer/vocalist Deanna Witkowski, winner of the 2002 Great American Jazz Piano Competition and a recent guest on Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz, looks to diverse musical worlds in her fusions of jazz, afro-latin, classical, and sacred music. Her 2003 recording, Wide Open Window, led reviewers to praise her playing as, “consistently thrilling” (All Music Guide) and to name Witkowski as “one of the best of the new generation of jazz pianists” (Jazz Journal International). 

Witkowski’s musical interests took another turn when she began coordinating an annual jazz service at Chicago’s LaSalle Street Church. Her interest in composing for the liturgy led to a three year position as music director at All Angels' Church in New York, where she moved in 1997.  Witkowski now serves as music director at Church of the R
edeemer in Astoria, Queens, and continues to present her sacred music in churches around the country.

Deanna shares, "I'm grateful to be able to share some of my music through the Christian Jazz Artists network, and also through ongoing projects available at my new ArtistShare website". 

"I'm also excited to now be able to make my sacred music available at Currently I have lead sheets and piano parts up for my Evening Sanctus and for my settings of Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior and Take My Life and Let it Be (check out samples on the Christian Jazz Worship Page!; there are about ten other lead sheets up as well.  And there are other extras: an entire workshop session from the annual "Jazz and the Church" conference, complete with corresponding lead sheets; journal entries on my thoughts on composing, an article on the development of four jazz services at Chicago's LaSalle Street Church, along with corresponding bulletins and lead sheets." (This last article is posted here in this newsletter in it's entirety.) Lead sheets, piano parts, and lectures on jazz worship are all available at:

Pianist  Rick Gallagher

Rick is a jazz pianist, composer, arranger and teacher. A native of Pittsburgh, he began studying music at age ten, and started his piano training at age sixteen. He received a bachelor's degree in music from Duquesne University, and studied with David Budway for eight years.

Gallagher is noteworthy for his classic jazz style, creative arrangements, and his memorable originals. Influences include Herbie Hancock, Horace Silver, Red Garland, Vince Guaraldi, Bill Evans, Benny Green, Ray Brown, Miles Davis, Cyrus Chestnut, George Shearing, and David Budway.

Performing nationally and regionally with the Boilermaker Jazz Band - one of the country's leading traditional jazz groups - Gallagher revisits the sound of Dixieland and swing piano. He also works in solo and group settings specializing in jazz, blues, and other contemporary styles with some of the regions top performers and bands.

His debut album, "Sweet Potato Eyebrows" was released in November 2001 on the Serendipity Records label. The collection showcases his versatility as a jazz composer and arranger, as well as his maturity as a pianist, via a variety of classic-sounding standards and originals. For more info visit here!

Jazz Ensemble,  "All In Christ " All in Christ is a gospel jazz group that has been dedicated to worshiping GOD and spreading the gospel through the gift of music. AIC has been together for approximately six years. AIC is composed of the following members: Samuel “Chamo” Gonzalez (Bass), Ezra Henry (Drums), Freddy Nunez (Guitar), Jose Lugo (Keyboards), Misael “Mikey” Vale (Keyboards), Luis N. Pacheco (Saxophone) and Luis A. Pacheco Jr. (Trumpet).

After years of practicing and gigging, AIC was blessed with the opportunity to record our first album titled, "When I Call You". The album has a variety of music styles ranging from ballads to Latin Jazz, funk, cool jazz and others.

AIC has performed in different venues around the tri-state area, predominantly churches, concerts and weddings. We are looking to expanding into other parts of the U.S. and aspire to reach other parts of the world as well. AIC’s mission is to continue to spread the gospel and to introduce a new sound into the ever expanding jazz world. For more info visit

Make sure that you visit the CJA page and listen to the great music from these new members!  We now have over 50 Christian Jazz artists that are members of the network!!!!

Visit the CJA Network page here!

New & Notable!

Trumpeter Fletch Wiley will be playing at Woodman Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs and Immanuel Baptist Church.

March 11-13-concert and services
Woodmen Valley Chapel
290 East Woodmen Rd
Colorado Springs, CO

April 1-3
 Immanuel Baptist Church; 1415 South Topeka; Wichita, Kansas 67211.  (Sunday evening service starts at 6pm)
contact: Brian Morgan

On March 11th and 12th in Dallas, TX Drummer Sean McCurley will be participating in the 2nd annual "DrummersforJesus" celebration.  This year will feature Sean along with Alex Acuna, Teddy Campbell, John Blackwell, Russ Miller, Marvin McQuitty, Lou Santiago jr., Alvarro Lopez and many more. (Additional info at)  Sean is also out on tour with Kirk Whalum this month.  Kirk is going to Japan in March to play with Marcus Miller as well.  Fans can visit for more info!

Jazz Pianist Chuck Marohnic has upcoming appearances...

March 3 - Sacred Grounds Jazz Coffeehouse, Scottsdale, AZ
March 4 - Jazz in the Hills, Fountain Hills, AZ
April 28 - Sacred Grounds Jazz Coffeehouse, Scottsdale, AZ
May 4 - Louisville Presbyterian Seminary – workshop & worship service, Louisville, KY

Saxophonist Greg Vail  has been playing in February with his band, "The Greg Vail Band" at Kikuya in Huntington Beach, CA. Greg also has been recording sax tracks for keyboardist David Arivett's new Jazz CD, "Jazzed & Glad!", due out for release in late spring!

The David Pray Trio has been selected by the Bose Corporation as the Featured Band for their Southern Region today. The David Pray Trio will receive national recognition on Bose’s website with bio, photo, and public performance dates on the Bose Calender of Events Southern Region webpage

Guitarist Ric Flauding & Percussionist Peter Best  will be performing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday through March 12th at the "Sunburst Resort": Performances start at 7:00 PM and continue till 10:00.  4925 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ Tel: (480) 945-7666.
Here's a link for directions:
Sunburst Resort

Guitarist Jay Leach has been very busy! Jay just finished a 7 week run of "Paint Your Wagon" at the Geffen Theater in Los Angeles... played on the Ford Mustang commercial that ran during the Superbowl (where the guy gets pulled over in a snow-covered wasteland by a motorcycle cop and turns out to be frozen solid in his convertible!)...  just finished played on 2 tunes for a new album by an excellent sax player from Los Angeles, CA Gary Herbig.

Jazz Pianist Chuck Mandt is just finishing up another Jazz Improv Workshop. Chuck also keeps busy with Jazz consulting and top notch instruction on the piano in the Atlanta area. For more info visit here!

Saxophonist Gary Meggs & Ezekiel 3:18's new album "Which Way is Up?" will be released in the very near future. Keep an eye on for news and details on the release as well as upcoming concert appearances..


As you can see Christian Jazz Artists are very busy celebrating their gifts!

We are jazzed about life...
We are jazzed about God!
Celebrate today and savor the music!
"Just imagine: a joyful Jesus! Haven't we had enough of grim religion?"
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Swing a New Song to the Lord!

Excellent printed collection of jazz arrangements  of congregational music from over a dozen prominent jazz composers and arrangers! Check it out here!

Our Jazz Worship Page is the place to get the very best charts for your church band or Orchestra anywhere on the Internet! Fresh new material to preview as well as "jazzed up" Hymn arrangements are available!

Big Band ~ Ensembles ~ Praise Band

CJA Network member Mark McClure has a great new smooth-jazz flavored worship recording, "The Power Of Your Love" that you will really love! Four of the songs on the CD have complete orchestrations available (from Word Music) for those who wish to integrate more jazz into your worship services! There is also piano/instrumental books for all the songs on the CD. To hear audio excerpts or to order visit here!


Thought provoking, yet highly singable jazz material for use in the Sanctuary!

Preview them here!

Songs Of  David Jazz Worship Songs & Charts

Preview them here!

Keyboardist/arranger Todd Billingsley has many excellent jazz flavored arrangements for the worship band at

Free CJA Downloads!

Check out the Mp3 and midi file free download...this month a great gospel flavored tune with Ray Charles influence written all over it! Plus, we have all the great articles and  interviews from past newsletters for you to read!

Interested in learning more about Jazz theory, technique, or improvisation? Want to learn how to develop your ear and transcribe music? Visit the Jazz Ed page for a one stop collection including material from some of the top musicians in Jazz!  Books, Charts, CD's, DVD's, Videos, Midi files and more  here!

 More "Jazz Yer Blues" Lessons are available to check out and download by David Arivett here!

Jazz Resources for Organ & Sax!

Barbara Dennerlein is a Hammond organist ( Blue Note Label) and has many great recordings of her wailin' on the B-3! Her recording and companion sheet music book, "Spiritual Movement No. #1" features original jazz compositions utilizing a Pipe Organ! These are wonderful compositions to help integrate more jazz into more traditional churches where a church organ is used...your organist will be jazzed!!  For more info/audio excerpts visit here!

Freedom - The Vision is a unique blend of Church Organ, Saxophone, and Hammond Organ. Three outstanding musicians, Johannes Landgren, Hakan Lewin, and Kjeld Lauritsen prove that even in a more traditional setting Jazz can provide a spiritual punch! Very interesting arrangements of Negro Spirituals combining these three instruments. Sheet music and audio excerpts are available here!

 If you have a church organ and want to blend in some jazz to a more traditional worship service these resources are excellent choices! 

Jazz  Quotes

 "Jazz, in its truest form, is a living thing.  It breathes, flows; it can change direction like the wind.  The same tune will
never be played the same way twice."- Ed Friedland


"It takes time to learn and mature and know that beauty is the best way to impress's not all about the technique. Now when I play, it's really about the experience in the moment and trying to have fun and just being grateful. A lot of jazz musicians have been trained to look ourselves under a microscope. We are very scrutinizing, any good musician is. But, that could be to the point of damaging oneself--because you forget the whole reason you are there--to make music"-Bob Sheppard


"Acquire a healthy balance between Godly confidence and humility. You need to be able to exude confidence in your artistry knowing that there is purpose in each and every note that you play. Yet, equally important is the fact that you have to be humble enough to completely surrender yourself to the art form. Essentially, opening the passage for the spirit to move through you freely...the Creator is the connection that permeates it all, music, spirituality, and life." - Saxophonist Tia Fuller


"We all need to reach out to one another and become we are all here and blessed to be in each others presence"-Mulgrew Miller





"Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they shall never cease to be amused."