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Make sure that you visit the CJA page and listen to the great music all of our artists create!  We are very proud  to have so many talented Jazz artists part of the CJA!

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Smooth Pizzazz Radio broadcasting Great Jazz Music all over the world!

Smooth Pizzazz is  ranked in the top 20 Jazz stations on Live 365!  Besides the United States, Canada, Japan, The Bahamas, Norway, Switzerland, Brazil, and many other countries are tuning in! Listeners all over the world are enjoying the unique blend of Jazz styles being broadcast!!

Smooth Pizzazz is an Internet Radio Station featuring Christian Jazz Artists playing jazzed up arrangements of Hymns, worship choruses, original material, and stylistically everything in between!! There are inspiring quotes and inspiring music by great Christian Jazz Artists.  Listen to it at work or at home while you work or answer e-mails! Help support the CJA and spread the word as well. Tune in--just follow the link below!

Hear Smooth Pizzazz Radio now

Smooth Pizzazz Radio listeners Joe A. Robinson and Lucile Packard from Palo Alto, CA  share these comments about Smooth Pizzazz Radio!
 Your radio station is a real blessing to me!! I stream your Internet radio station, "Smooth Pizzazz" here at work and it allows me to praise him, get centered, stay focused and increase my productivity all at the same time!!!"

 "You have also exposed me to some great Christian Jazz that I was not aware of!! I am going to tell others about Smooth Pizzazz radio station as well as direct them to your website. Keep up the good work!!!"


 Another satisfied listener!
                                         I just happened upon your internet radio station by searching for Christian jazz on the web.  I have listened to the one hour a week that my local Christian radio station plays Christian jazz and longed for more of the same.  I LOVE your stations selection of  jazz and the combo of inspirational music and jazz is great.  So, I wanted you to know that I appreciate what you are putting out here for the listeners and, myself in particular and I want to encourage you to continue for many, many years to come.  Thank you so much."
 Sincerely, Karen Hunt


Inspirational Quotes

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love .
--Hamilton Wright Mabi


 Lord Jesus, Master of both the light and the darkness, send your Holy Spirit upon our preparations for Christmas. We who have so much to do seek quiet spaces to hear your voice each day. We who are anxious over many things look forward to your coming among us. We who are blessed in so many ways long for the complete joy of your kingdom. We whose hearts are heavy seek the joy of your presence. We are your people, walking in darkness, yet seeking the light. To you we say, "Come Lord Jesus!"-               Henri  Nouwen

When God comes among us, he doesn't first of all clear humanity out of the way so that he can take over; he becomes a human being. He doesn't force his way in to dominate and crush; he announces his arrival in the sharp, hungry cry of a newborn baby. The manner of his coming tells us so many things - but not the least is that human nature, bruised and disfigured as it is by sin, is still capable of bearing the life of God. In the birth of God in flesh and blood, we see what we were made to be - carriers of divine love. And with this birth we begin our journey back to where we belong, back to God, back to what we were made to be.


What is crucial about the Incarnation, is not just that “God is with us,” but that God came to us as Jesus. Of all the ways for God to come to us, to come as a Jewish peasant from Nazareth who was murdered by the authorities, not for the specifics of his birth but for the revolutionary quality of his life. Jesus was executed as a criminal, not because he was conceived out of wedlock, but because of what he said and did once he grew up.

There’s a foreboding of that crisis from hundred of years before in Micah’s words in today’s other text. Declaring that the Messiah will come from a lowly place rather than the halls of power, he invites us to see the new world offered to us through the mystery of the incarnation, as it will unfold in the life of the child of Bethlehem. He invites us to give ourselves to a truth that keeps trying to break through our illusions. Invites us to give ourselves to the truth that peace is God’s Word - that love, compassion, justice, and mercy are God’s words. And because they are, we’re called to give ourselves to the truth that a life founded on anything other than God’s word will eventually descend into ruin.
the scene. - Steve Gehlert

” I’ve found in him all the God I want. All that I know of God, I have seen in him. And when I celebrate the day of his birth, I celebrate the day when God made himself so manifest that [people] have not been able to get away from him". - Martin Luther


Welcome to the Christian Jazz Artists Newsletter!
December 2004

A monthly e-newsletter from Songs Of David designed to keep you encouraged, informed, and aware of all the helpful resources that are available to you as a Christian jazz musician, worship leader, worship band member, or just a jazz lover!  
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~ This Issue  ~ 

Featured Interview: Jazz guitarist Randy Bernsen shares thoughts about playing with Jazz legends Jaco Pastorius, Joe Zawinul, as well as being a Christian Jazz Artist  Read Interview here!

Featured Devotional: "What If He Hadn't Come To Earth?".  .... Martin Luther wrote these words long ago but they are still very relevant. He said, "We must listen not just to history, but to a gift "! Most of us will hear the Christmas story several times over the next month. We will look back into history to recall what happened that glorious night long ago. But as we look back let us not forget the wondrous gift that came bundled up, wrapped in love, and sent from heaven to bless all mankind!  Read more here!

 Jazz Ed! Fresh ideas on Jazz, Music Theory, and Improvisation! This month David Arivett offers two Jazz Christmas songs  from his, "Jazz Yer Blues" lesson series! Two very interesting arrangements of, "Go Tell It On The Mountain" and "Greensleeves". These free lessons are for helping you integrate more jazzy voicings and changes into your blues playing!    Visit here

  Chuck Marohnic has some excellent Christmas arrangements for piano and brass quintet located here!

Christian Jazz Artists Compilation CD!

Great new hot jazz arrangements of Hymns!    (Includes two Christmas tunes!)

Great as a Christmas gift!

  CJA Network compilation CD featuring members playing Jazz arrangements of Hymns! 16 great renditions of Hymns served up in a wide variety of flavors!  To hear audio excerpts or to purchase this CD visit here! 


New Christian Musicians Directory

Here is a directory that will list contact info on Artists, Composers, Producers, Studios, Instrumentalists, ect. This is a convenient way for you to be contacted by potential clients who are interested in your services, as well as encourage connecting and even collaborating with other Christian Musicians. If you want to be included in this list or want to check visit here!
New Featured Tracks on Smooth Pizzazz!
This month we are featuring Christmas Jazz!  Be sure to tune in for the best collection of Christmas Jazz you will find anywhere!
A new Christmas CD, "Is It Christmas Yet?", by saxophonist  Greg Vail  showcases his talent for blowin' some refreshing sounds and arrangements of Christmas music! Tune in to hear, "Angels We Have Heard On High". This CD was recorded "live" with no overdubs! Visit his site to preview this CD here!  
Denver & The Mile High Orchestra have a new Christmas CD, "Timeless Christmas" and we love the track," Little Drummer Boy " which is a funky, 'Tower Of Power' arrangement that you will love!
Keyboardist/Producer Pat Coil produced, arranged, and played some hot jazz piano on the "Jump Swing Christmas" CD. Joining him is a host of great musicians that help Pat obtain that Big Band sound! 
Keyboardist/Arranger Bob Barrett (instrumental director at Saddleback Church) produced a CD, "The Colors Of Christmas" that has some great jazzy arrangements of Christmas music complete with full horn section from Saddle Back Church. We are featuring several tunes including, "The Little Timbalero", complete with montuno, Latin percussion, and hot horns! To purchase this CD phone Saddleback Church at 949-609-8000.
Rick Muchow has a great new jazzy Christmas CD, "It's Christmas"  and we are featuring selected Christmas Carols as well as a swingin' original by Rick, "Gotta Dance"!
Tony Guerro and Bill Cantos have a jazzy Christmas CD, "Christmas Songs, which features 11 instrumental duets for trumpet/flugelhorn (Tony) & keyboards (Bill) in stylish new arrangements, plus a very special vocal performance by Bill of the classic "Christmas Song" (aka 'Chestnuts....') To purchase visit here!
Saxophonist Gary Meggs and the Ezekial 3:18 Band has a new Jazzy Christmas CD release and it is available here!
 Legendary drummer/percussionist Alex Acuna has a very beautiful and unique recording of, "O Come O Come Emmanuel". It's from the CD, "Accents" by Alex Acuna and the Unknowns" and you can also find it on the CJA Network Compilation CD, "Hymn Favorites" . 

Guitarist Jay Leach has a  new Christmas Sampler CD release - "Christmas Guitar "! Check it all out here!

Producer/Keyboardist Eric Copeland and Creative Soul Records is excited to announce it's first Christmas release, "To Hear the Angels Sing", by Alisa Dishong. It's a cool, smooth jazz CD, with trio-plus-one arrangements and a few surprises, and sure to please anyone who loves jazzy Christmas music. Also, Alisa and her husband are missionaries in Kenya, so all proceeds go to their continuing missionwork. For info, check out

Jazz Pianist Chuck Marohnic has a Christmas CD,"A Cool Brassy Night At The North Pole" containing interesting arrangements that perfectly illustrate how a great jazz trio can interface with some incredible brass players! To purchase visit here!

Jeff Anderkamp and Aaron Weitekamp co-arranged the "Jericho Horns" Christmas CD and there are some excellent Big Band arrangements of Christmas Carols and favorites!

Saxophonist George Furlow has a tasty smooth jazz Christmas CD, "Go Tell It On The Mountain". For audio excerpts or to purchase this CD visit here!

Gary Hallquist has a jazzy Christmas CD, "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear" with some very tasty arrangements of Christmas Carols available here!

Jazz Pianist Chuck Mandt produced and played on a new Christmas release,"Heart Of Christmas" with vocalist Etta Oliver. You don't want to miss out on Chuck's mastery on the Steinway Concert Grand. His jazz voicings and re-harmonizations of Christmas music is truly magical! To purchase visit here!

Kirk Whalum has a great Christmas CD, "The Christmas Message" ( CJA Network Members guitarist Michael Ripoll and drummer Sean MCcurley both play on this recording and are members of Kirk Whalum's band!) We are featuring several tracks from this recording on Smooth Pizzazz Radio!


Welcome New CJA Network Members!

Saxophonist Grady Nichols truly personifies today's hip Smooth Jazz / Instrumental Pop scene. Grady has been described as, “the awesome new sax player for the millennium” by legendary fusion jazz great Jeff Lorber. Renowned for his signature interpretation of "Amazing Grace", Grady had the humble honor of performing on the "Hour of Power" at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California in September 2001 following the devastating terrorist attacks. 

In his new CD release, “Sophistication”, Grady has taken his musical appeal to a new level by enlisting the talents of not only Jeff Lorber, who produced and co-wrote the CD, but also Chris Botti (trumpet), Ray Fuller (guitar) and Paul Pesco (rhythm guitar). Grammy Award winner Paul Brown mixed the CD. Grady's 2001 release, "In the Fullness of Time", is a spiritual CD featuring Bill Champlin, keyboardist / vocalist of the group Chicago, alongside a 50 voice choir.  It shows the diversity of Grady's sound and stage presentation using elements of jazz, reggae, Latin, blues and gospel. 

Pianist Phillip DeGreg 

Phil began playing the piano as a child and now performs internationally. In 1995 Phil  was named one of the 10 finalists in Jazziz Magazine's "Keyboardists on Fire" competition. For the last 12 years, DeGreg has been the house pianist at Cincinnati's famous Blue Wisp Jazz Club, performing with many notable jazz artists, including Slide Hampton, J.J. Johnson, Zoot Simms, Junior Cook, Bobby Watson, Mark Murphy and Stanley Turrentine. DeGreg is dedicated to sharing his love of jazz through teaching.  He also plays piano on Sundays at his church.

Phil is currently Associate Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, teaching jazz theory, arranging, piano, and ensembles. He has taught for the Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops since 1982. 1995 DeGreg published "Jazz Keyboard Harmony," a chord voicing method written for non-pianists and beginning jazz pianists, which is now used at universities in the U.S. and Europe. 

Guitarist Joel Del Rosario  

Producer/Guitarist Joel Del Rosario is young and very talented guitarist. Heavily influenced by the sounds of jazz guitar greats like George Benson, Joe Pass, and Stanley Jordan, Joel adds his own unique blend of Smooth Jazz!  Through recordings and concerts his musical talents and gifts (coupled together with his strong spiritual ties), has led him to fuse faith and smooth jazz together, creating music uplifting and relaxing to the soul. Joel's music style runs through the gamut of R&B, Funk, Soul, Smooth Jazz, to spiritually uplifting instrumentals. Joel also plays guitar at his church and loves to express his faith for God by playing music that grooves for the Lord

Make sure that you visit the CJA page and listen to the great music from these new members!  We are very proud  to have so many talented Jazz artists be part of the CJA!

Visit the CJA Network page here!


 New & Notable!

 Saxophonist Grady Nichols has a new CD release, "Sophistication".  Legendary Keyboardist/Producer Jeff Lorber produced, played, and co-wrote the tunes. Make sure and listen to the featured song, "Behind The Scenes"!

Keyboardist/arranger Tom Brooks has been very busy recording a new CD project with the Worship Alliance SuperBand! Members include Abraham Labrioel, Paul Jackson, Sheila E., Vinnie Colauita, and Tom Brooks on keys! Look for the new recording soon! Worship Alliance also has the new CD, "Abe Labrioel and Friends". All this and more can be found at:

Producer/Keyboardist David Diggs Is participating in a great FREE compilation CD called ³THE GREATEST MUSIC YOU¹VE NEVER HEARD, VOL.1²  The CD has 16 tracks from various independent jazz artists from around the world!  Just purchase one of David's CDs from CDBABY, and as a free gift, they will send you a copy of ³THE GREATEST MUSIC YOU¹VE NEVER HEARD, VOL.1² with your order. For more info on ³THE GREATEST MUSIC YOU¹VE NEVER
HEARD, VOL.1² just go to:

To purchase David Digg's CD:

 Kim Jordan will be appearing live Saturday, December 11, 2004 - 6:00PM - 7:00PM  at the Millennium Stage, The Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
Cost/Info:  Admission is FREE!
Also Kim will be perfroming Wednesday, December 15, 2004 - 8:00PM & 10:00PM
Blues Alley
1073 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C.
Cost/Info:  Call (202) 337-4141

Solomon's Porch Christian Jazz Cafe just celebrated 6 months in business!  The vision and commitment is to develop and maintain a full service restaurant, as well as provide a platform for Christian Jazz Artists to play their music, gain wider exposure, while maintaining the emphasis of a Christian message. "Vocalist/Saxophonist Dean Mills  performed this past weekend and blessed us with his ministry "Jazz 4 Jesus"!  A Breath Of Fresh Air (our resident band) did not disappoint, and TDL Factory smoothed the icing over the cake for a momentous milestone in our ministry. We are appreciative of your efforts with Smooth Pizzazz radio, and are exhilarated at how God's awesome tapestry is being unfolded in our lives!!"


As you can see Christian Jazz Artists are very busy celebrating their gifts!

We are jazzed about life...
We are jazzed about God!
Celebrate today and savor the music!
"Just imagine: a joyful Jesus! Haven't we had enough of grim religion?"
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Interested in learning more about Jazz theory, technique, or improvisation? Want to learn how to develop your ear and transcribe music? Visit the Jazz Ed page for a one stop collection including material from some of the top musicians in Jazz!  Books, Charts, CD's, DVD's, Videos, Midi files and more  here!

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Free Dec. Download!
Bob Barrett's Latin arrangement of the Christmas song "The Little Timbalero"
Each month we have free downloads, Mp3's, midi files, and charts. Plus, we have all the great articles and  interviews from past newsletters for you to read!


Devotional Article

What If He Hadn’t Come To Earth?

(For an acrobat pdf file of this article to download and print out visit here! )

I would like for you to consider the following scenario…what if Jesus hadn’t come to earth, there was no Christ child, no incarnation, and no Christmas? Try to imagine what History would look like for the last 2000 years without Christ, without His words, and without the New Testament! I believe that total chaos would have ruled the last 2000 years! Without the influence of Christ and Christianity on History evil would have scored a total victory. Think of all the humanitarian efforts, the building of hospitals, the healing and feeding of countless millions. Multitudes of people’s lives that wouldn’t have been changed by the message and power of Christ! Without the message of the birth, life, and death of Christ and His influence on the world, the possibility exists that none of us would be here today because of a nuclear catastrophe! But if mankind had somehow survived total annihilation what kind of society would there be without the influence of Christ on our world?

Then imagine further with me that Christmas never was and never to be! No giving of gifts, no cheerful acts of kindness, Christmas carols or Christmas trees! No Churches, no Christmas music, and no Holiday cheer. No stories of the wonderful birth of the baby Jesus. No message of hope, joy, or peace on earth, good will to men? No message of loving one another. Worst of all, NO CHRIST!

More importantly, what difference would it have made in your life if Christ had never existed or been born in your live? Yes, that is the question that really can make you think! What difference has Christ made in your live? Where would you and I be without having ever heard the story about how God decided to become one of us and, "pitch His tent " with us to dwell in human flesh? 

The Apostle Paul writes in chapter two of the book of Ephesians that we should remember what we once were without Christ! Paul says that we were without hope!! And that really does sum up what it would mean for the whole world but especially for those of us who have received Him in a personal and intimate way.

It is so easy to get caught up with all the shopping, ceremonies, music, and celebrations to take for granted the glorious Incarnation and miraculous wonder of the Christ Child. Maybe it’s time to pause for a moment right now for us to lift our thanks and gratitude to God for coming to earth and for the incredible difference Christ has made in our lives. To be grateful for the gifts of hope, joy, peace, and love. Think of all the evil things He has delivered you from and praise Him for it!! Taste of the joy and peace that only Christ can give right now!

Martin Luther wrote these words long ago but they are still very relevant. He said, "We must listen not just to history, but to a gift "! Most of us will hear the Christmas story several times over the next month. We will look back into history to recall what happened that glorious night long ago. But as we look back let us not forget the wondrous gift that came bundled up, wrapped in love, and sent from heaven to bless all mankind! 

Furthermore let us look to the present and may our prayer be that the Spirit of Christ "be born in us" today, fresh and new. May we honor and serve Him by following His message and doing what He said for us to do. Share His message of love, hope, joy, and peace to others not only at Christmas but moment by moment throughout our lives. May we never take for granted the wonder of the Incarnation. But also remember that the miracle of His birth is re-created over and over again in the lives of all who will receive Him andet His Spirit be born and grow in their lives!

Let me leave you with the words from one of the great Christmas carols:

O holy Child of Bethlehem, descend to us, we pray,

Cast out our sin and enter in;

Be born in us today.

We hear the Christmas angels the great glad tidings tell,

O come to us abide with us;

Our Lord Emmanuel.


Written by David Arivett

Copyright 2002

For an acrobat pdf file of this article to download and print out visit here!