April/May 2005 CJA Network Editorial

Make It Happen Where You Are!

One of the major priorities I have for the CJA Network is for the artists to fulfill their visions about being a Christian Jazz Artist and all that this can entail. The scope of this vision must include creating an audience for CJA Network Artists. The CCM Music Industry and Major Christian labels don't care about marketing jazz and neither do the major publishers of worship music. For the most part they are content to push a pabulum of alternative rock products. Furthermore, there are not very many booking agents or people promoting Christian Jazz Artists because there is a misconception that there isn't any money in it!

However, I have discovered since starting this network nearly two years ago that there are many, many Christians who love jazz and are either playing or listening to it in church services, vespers, coffee houses, concerts, and other venues. Indeed, I feel there is enough interest for a revival of jazz music in churches across America, Europe (where it has already started!) and around the world! Of course the internet has opened up many new possibilities for independent artists to promote and sell their music.

But it will take the artists themselves to make it happen where they are! No use waiting on promoters or the record industry to wake up and do something different. Each artist will have to make every effort to promote themselves and realize that when they promote and support the CJA Network they are not only promoting themselves but helping to both support and further a greater cause!

By CJA Network artists and fans joining together to celebrate their gifts, talents, and love for jazz they can truly make a tremendous impact for using jazz in the church as another vital genre of music! This will take connecting and joining together through the sharing of ideas, resources, and talents. And it will take time, determination, and patience to build this movement. But it is happening…remember drops in the bucket add up!

So I encourage you to organize a Jazz concert or Jazz Vespers service at your church or find a church that will let you do so. Or find a coffee house where you can play jazz and take your own CD’s to sell. Get the local newspapers to maybe do a write up in the religious section of their newspapers. Or if you play at a secular gig, share info with other musicians about the CJA Network, Smooth Pizzazz Radio, and the fact that there is an organization out there that views Jazz music in a more spiritual light! If you are a CJA Network Artist I encourage you to subscribe to the Christian Jazz e-mail discussion group to stay connected to other artists, fans, potential gigs, and many other benefits!

Here is the link: christianjazzgroup-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

The bottom line is this… stay connected to the CJA Network and make it happen where you are!

David Arivett  April 11, 2005