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We are excited to make available our first CJA Network recording! We have compiled recordings of Hymns from Christian Jazz Artists and put 16 songs on the CD. We wanted to make sure and make you aware that it is now available!

    Now Available!  

CJA Compilation CD featuring Christian Jazz Artists playing great jazz arrangements of favorite hymns! This is a "must have" recording and destined to become a classic..."possibly one of the finest collection of jazz hymns ever compiled!!" Hot Horns, Saxes, Keys, Bass, drums, and vocals covering a wide variety of jazz flavorings! You will absolutely love this CD!!

Special introductory price!  Only 13.99!      

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   Artists included on this CD collection!


            Alex Acuna ~ David Arivett ~ Bob Barrett ~ Todd Billingsley 

          ~ John Carlson ~ Eric Copeland ~ David Diggs ~ Ric Flauding                

~  George Furlow ~ Ray Lyon ~ Chuck Marohnic ~

Rhonda McCoy ~ Dean Mills ~ Bradley Sowash ~ Greg Vail

Track List of songs

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Thank you for your interest and support for the Christian Jazz Artists Network!