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Welcome! You have arrived at David Arivett's Jazz Page.

Here you will find David's Bio as well as audio examples from his Jazz CDs. David writes in a wide variety of styles and there is info and links on his other best selling CD's by David.  For David's complete bio visit here!

For David's series "Jazzed In The Church" songs, vocals. charts and arrangements visit here!

For David's Choral music visit here!

For David's Worship music visit here!

David Arivett's Jazz Yer Blues Lessons visit here!

Read David's CJA Network Interview Here!

                 David's New CD "Jazzed And Glad"!



                     Preview David's new CD release, "Jazzed And Glad"!

    Joining keyboardist/composer David Arivett on this CD are other top jazz musicians like saxophonists

    Larry Cangelosi, Greg Vail, trumpeter Keith Wood, guitarist Ric Flauding,  Fresh Fire, and  others!

 A wide variety of jazz stylings, Contempo, Latin, Funk. Smooth and Swing!  Dancing, celebrating, quiet jazz ballads of thankfulness are all included!  All songs written, produced, arranged, and recorded by David Arivett at Songs Of David Studio. Complete charts and backing tracks are available for all songs... more info here!

                                               "Jazzed And Glad" CD Samples

Bip Bop Hip Hop
Gratitude Mood
All Is Well
Street Funk  
Mucho Love Mucho Laughter
Latin Doxology      (Public Domain)
Prayerful Why?
Hasn't God Been Good?( with Fresh Fire)
His Love


          Island Fun


Rico's Tune 

Island Fun  

Lift Up Your Glass


 ISLAND FUN is a charming collection of smooth jazz. It features the work of multi-instrumentalist/composer David Arivett.

There are 10 original songs on the CD. Each one is enjoyable and has a sweet, bluesy Latin sound, a sound that will bring David Arivett new jazz listeners. Songs include "Time To Celebrate," "Rio," "Rico's Tune," "I Love You So," "She Gives Me Joy," "I Need  Your Touch," "Lift Up Your Glass," "Island Fun," "Miles' Blues," and "Better Days." The listening audience will find this collection enjoyable, and a nice gift for a friend. I liked the piano solo work very much; very smooth, very well-crafted.

David Arivett has a winner with his ISLAND FUN. It is a CD collection of smooth jazz that will appeal to the jazz audience. Nicely done.

Lee Prosser, JazzReview.com

"Island Fun is a tropical flavored smooth jazz offering from keyboardist/composer whiz David Arivett. Sunny and warm, with a great mixture of laid back grooves and funky tasteful keyboard solos. Take your shoes off, relax, and get ready to dance and celebrate with this new release from Songs Of David".

Be sure to check out David's other great Jazz worship songs and arrangements (Charts and acc. tracks are available here!)

Other CD's By David

Preview the new Fresh Fire CD produced by David featuring writing all new worship songs!

Preview the new Fresh Fire "I Am Ready" CD Here!


 Keyboard Meditations       Prayerful Meditations          Are You Ready?           Exuberant Praise



           Keyboard Meditations

"Be ready to be transported to a peaceful and serene place with Keyboard Meditations by David Arivett. David's music definitely has therapeutic qualities! Beautiful pianos and lush orchestral pads compliment his wonderful compositions and skilled keyboard playing".  

"Our radio program 'Alpha Rhythms' is dedicated to music that takes you places, and David Arivett's "Keyboard Meditations" CD does just that! Each piece of music carries the listener to where spirit and emotion are the ruling forces. 'Keyboard Meditations' is aptly named in that it is a remarkably contemplative CD. From Mysterious Wonder and First Snow, through Arivett's Adagio for Strings, we are treated to numerous 'sound'scapes that invoke distinct moods and make the inner journey accessible for the listener. Thanks for providing our listeners with your music, and good luck with future projects!"

Jerry Kenney Alpha Rhythms WYSO 91.3 FM

Here are audio examples from David's CD  "Keyboard Meditations."

 Mysterious Wonder       (Film Score)

 First Snow         (Film Score)

Broken Sorrow  (Solo Piano)     

For more excerpts  of David's "Meditative" Music visit:




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