My ministry was born in 1998 at the Budokan in Tokyo  Japan where I gave my testimony in Japanese for the first time. Since 1998 I've been going to Japan 3 or 4 times a year sharing my testimony in Japanese all over the country.

The Japanese love jazz and they love gospel music so when the churches advertise a Gospel Jazz concert is coming the church or concert hall is usually packed. We started in Okinawa where we played three churches, the on to Tokyo to play the Blues Alley jazz club. This was a new challenge for my ministry in Japan because we were bringing the gospel to the jazz club in Japan.

Well the Holy Spirit was so strong those two nights it felt like we were in church. We did not change my show at all I gave my testimony and also translated the singers Makeda and Tim Kepler's testimony. It was a big win because the concert was received very well and we opened many hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

From Tokyo we were off to Osaka to play a church there, I was really happy to have as my guest drummer Sean McCurley. I borrowed him from my brother Kirk Whalum and he really laid the groove down with his spirit and his tight funky rhythms. The concert was a great success and many were touched by the testimonies and vocal stylings of Makeda and Time Kepler.

We continued our tour in the countryside at a church called Shinshiro Church, it is located about an hour from Nagoya. This countryside church is at the center of the revival in Japan, the head office for the All Japan Revival Mission is located there. They are a well organized group that strategically holds revivals all over the country.

We played two sold out concerts there and we could see the work the Lord is doing in that city and in the whole country.  Christmas is a particular good time to minister in Japan, we all went home feeling that we made a difference.

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