Chuck Marohnic -  Sanctuary Jazz and Music Serving the Word Ministries



Workshop I

 Developing a Music Ministry for the Emerging Church

 Topics to include:

·         New ideas for an alternative to Praise and Worship

·         Modernization of traditional hymnody

·         Use of secular music as well as traditional worship songs

·         Selecting the correct Music Minister and musicians

·         New ideas for congregational participation


Workshop II

How to Cultivate a Creative Music Church Ministry

Topics to iinclude:

·         Use and importance of improvisational music for worship 

·         Proper use of music for Scripture

·         How to develop “mindful listening”

·         Creative uses of technology, synthesizers, video, etc.

·         Getting the most out of the church band

·         Creating alternative forms of worship and more


Chuck Marohnic Bio

Chuck Marohnic is Emeritus Director of Jazz Studies at Arizona State Univerrsity.   Chuck has served numerous Christian churches as Music Minister for the past 16 years.  He is author of 15 publications of jazz arrangements of familiar church hymns and worship songs for 4 different publishers and as a jazz pianist he has recorded over 35 CDs.   Chuck also serves as Director of Workshops and Education for Music Serving the Word Ministries. He is also very much in demand at national church conferences where he performs and gives workshops. and