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Recently signed to the ABC Jazz label The Idea of North are an Acapella vocal quartet comprising of Trish Delaney-Brown - Soprano, Naomi Crellin - Alto , Nick Begbie - Tenor and Andrew Piper - Bass. Each of these vocalists is excellent in their own right and together they both blend and feature to create a cappella jazz at it very best! Their jazz background certainly shows in their harmonies, arrangements and ability to swing.

Here is four young singers with music as good as their abilities, an infectious energy, sophisticated programs and a mantel full of awards. The Idea of North is regarded by its peers as one of the best and most unique live musical acts in Australia. Over the last few years as one of Australia's only fully professional vocal quartets, they have reinvented a cappella and taken it to new heights. Their stunning visual presence and incredible sound has built them a legion of adoring fans here and across Europe, Asia and the USA. The Idea of North is an exhilarating live act presenting a blend of uniquely arranged contemporary classics and original material.

Their CD's reflect an eclectic taste covering a wide variety of Jazz styles, (including Latin, Gospel, Swing, and Pop). Their recordings captures very unique Acapella sound with tasty arrangements and beautiful songs.


                                             Evidence (2004)                                          Here & Now  (2003)


                   Sister Sadie       We Will Find A Way  

                                                  A Simple Feast  


                                     The Sum Of Us  (2001)                                                       Self -titled debut CD (1997)


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