Johannes Landgren

Johannes Landgren is an organist who has a very unique concert format - traditional church organ with saxophone! Teaming up with Hakan Lewin on sax these two have done concerts all over Europe (and several in the USA as well!)  Their concerts in churches and arrangements prove that even in a more traditional setting with a church organ that jazz can provide an effective spiritual punch!

If you have never heard a traditional pipe organ playing jazz with great sax you simply must hear this material!

A unique blend of Church organ & Saxophone!


Freedom - The Vision This CD is represented by three instruments: a sax, a Hammond organ and a pipe organ. Three outstanding musicians, Johannes Landgren, Hakan Lewin, and Kjeld Lauritsen prove that even in a more traditional setting Jazz can provide a spiritual punch! Very interesting arrangements of Negro Spirituals combining these three instruments.

Johannes Landgren and Hakan Lewin have two other CD's with more great saxophone and Church Organ! "In My Solitude" is a tribute to Duke Ellington and his sacred concerts! Almost all of the Duke's Sacred compositions are represented here and it is absolutely outstanding! "Ellington And More" is a "live" CD featruing the "Dukes" music.

In addition Saxophonist Håkan Lewin  has arranged some Spirituals for a solo instrument and organ (pipe organ or Hammond). Six of them are published in this score/book. To purchase sheet music or CD's visit:

Mp3 samples below!

Swing Low 

Give Me That Old Time Religion 

Almighty God  

Come Sunday 

To Good To Title 

Audio samples soon! 

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