Edwin Sepúlveda


Peaceful Moments  Prophetic Worship

Pianist Adlan Cruise joins Ediwn for this deeply moving music that is definitely therapeutic!

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Edwin Sepúlveda had music become his passion from an early age of 10 and it continues to be evident in his blend of sounds, which seemingly transcend the limits of a saxophone. Whether he is performing solo for private gatherings in someone’s home,  “calming the raging beast of impatience” before a business meeting or performing live in front of thousands at concerts around the world, Edwin wants people to feel his music in their spirit.

Edwin may have been born in New York, but his multicultural influences came from tourists on the shores of Puerto Rico where he was raised. The tourist industry brought their American influence with Pop music, add the local Latin styles and Afro music to combine into the unique blend that influenced his tastes and style.

Edwin has 29 years of musical experience and has traveled to over 18 countries, and 20 states in the United States. Some of the countries are: Argentina, Chile, Holland, Honduras, England, Curazao, Guatemala (approx. 25 times), Costa Rica, Singapore, Philippines, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, Japan, Columbia, Venezuela and many more.

Edwin can evoke a wide range of emotions when he picks up the saxophone. Wherever he performs, he leaves you in awe of his soulful, beautiful tones. He is a saxophonist of extraordinary skill that is not only technically excellent, but with original sounds unique to his background.

Many have commented that listening to Edwin play his melodies say it becomes a worshipful experience.  Edwin states, “I believe that music is God’s way of reaching us and calming the body that can be plagued with stresses, anxieties or worries of the day.” For over 21 years, he has had his own ministry traveling internationally with groups as well as performing for internationally known evangelists sharing his music as his gift back for a God-given talent. “God grants us with talents to give to society and it blesses me to be able to do something that I love.”

Edwin has participated in over 80 recordings as a saxophonist and musical producer. Edwin has produced and recorded four albums as a soloist.


          Developing an intimacy with God with solo performance

Everything That Has Breath

          Soloist performance in different styles of music distributed by Zondervan


          Duet of saxophone with concert pianist Adlan Cruz

Peaceful Moments

Prophetic Worship is the goal of this 40 min. uninterrupted solo



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