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Con teaches at Moore Theological College in Sydney. Prior to entering Christian ministry, Con trained and performed as a professional jazz musician. He continues to play jazz regularly in professional settings, and has been performing and speaking at evangelistic jazz nights for several years now.

Con studied jazz performance at The Canberra School of Music, ANU. H Con has performed at The Monterey Jazz Festival (USA), The Wangarratta Jazz Festival, The Australian Jazz Festival, The Manly Jazz Festival, The Basement, and Soup Plus, among other notable venues and locations. He has performed for the Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA) and Jazzgroove, and has performed in bands with James Morrison, Don Burrows, John Morrison, The Idea of North, among many other wonderful musicians.  Besides appearing on various recordings, Con also performed on and co-produced the album, "The Gospel According to Groove", with James and John Morrison, Vanetta Fields, and The Idea of North. His latest album, Freedom in the Groove, has just been released and features Evelyn Duprai and a 30-piece gospel choir.

Jazz Evangelism
Since 1999, Con has combined his two passions of evangelism and jazz music by performing and speaking at several evangelistic jazz concerts for churches, university groups, schools, and festivals. These concerts have enabled the clear presentation of the gospel within a natural jazz setting. For more on Con's approach to Jazz Evangelism visit here!

The Gospel According To Groove

 The Gospel According to Groove

Friday Night Prayer Meeting   

  Sons Of Zebedee    


Freedom In The Groove  


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