Ryan Cullen


RYAN CULLEN is President and Editor at RYCUN Music Company.  His music is published through Really Good Music, LLC. and PDFJazzMusic.com in addition to RYCUN Music Company and has been sold and performed worldwide. 

He holds a B.M. degree in Jazz Studies from Loyola University of New Orleans and a M.M. degree in Studio/Jazz Composition from the University of Miami.  His teachers have included Michael Pellera, Gary Lindsay, Ron Miller, Dr. Raul Murciano, John Mahoney, Dr. Robert Gower, Dr. Paul Wilson, Tony Dagradi, and John Ellis

Ryan currently resides in Southeast Louisiana and holds the position of Director at the Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts (LAAPA).  In addition to his administrative duties, he writes for and directs the school's ensembles, teaches theory/composition, piano and saxophone. 

Mr. Cullen is a member of The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP).  He is available for new commissions, private instruction, performances, studio work, etc.


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