Please Read "We Are The Ones We Are Waiting For!"

The World Wide Web has brought about a revolution regarding the way musicians market themselves and their music. It has truly opened the door for talented independent artists to get their music heard, marketed, and sold! But our times are complicated, chaotic, and individualistic. Unfortunately many jazz artists just aren't interested in "hanging out".  Furthermore, our society works against connectedness, against developing and sustaining lasting relationships over time. The internet can even work against hooking up with others - individuals can become nothing more than islands e-mailing other isolated individuals without any real personal contact.

As artists we must fight the tendency and dangers of becoming so egotistical and self - absorbed with our own musical careers and CD sales, that we fail to celebrate our musical gifts with other artists and share them and the 'good news' of our faith with others. Sharing with others implies connectivity and community. Our network is a community that goes beyond music and unites us for a common cause - spreading the joyful news that the creator God has given us life, Jesus, salvation, and the gift of Jazz music to share and overflow to others. In addition, reaching out and connecting with others is the perfect antidote for our self-absorbed lives. We must learn to see ourselves as a part of a community to participate in, build friendships, and develop a mutual respect for each other's diversity.

So when you join the CJA Network you're not just adding another internet 'link' for yourself -- you are joining a community. We are a community of jazz artists who consider themselves followers of Jesus Christ - not a hyped up get rich internet hook up! If you are looking just to boost your personal CD's sales don't bother to even apply for membership! We are looking for artists who will contribute and help promote not just themselves, but others and the CJA Network. When you promote the network you are promoting others, yourself, and the name of Christ!

We basically provide global exposure for our network artists! We are #1 in the search engines under Christian Jazz or Sacred Jazz music. So through our web site, our internet radio station, and the myriad of concerts, performances, collaborations, and contacts by our network jazz artists the potential and opportunities that exist by being a member are tremendous! We have members both in the USA and abroad! There is a reason why so many top jazz musicians have become members and are listed in our network directory! What a joy and privilege it is to join with others who share a similar passion for both God and jazz!

Here are just a few comments/testimonials about our network:

"I am 'jazzed' (pun intended!) that there's a whole network of folks out there who worship the Lord in this way. Jazz is my first love, musically speaking, and I'm glad to be able to celebrate my "first love" (Jesus) using that very expressive, spontaneous musical language... . . keep up the good work! I've bookmarked your radio station and have signed up to receive the newsletter. I look forward to getting more plugged in to what's going on with your network!" -  Mark McClure (Director Choral and Instrumental Product - Word Music)


"I have never found excitement for a web page like when I came across your website tonight! I am so excited about the press, articles and write up's... it's so encouraging!. I see men coming into an awesome experience of their call to God and finding joy in their Creator through jazz music.  It's my pleasure discovering your web site!" -  Jazz Saxophonist Ayo Awe Joseph

"I just want to say once again that I am so happy and touched to see that you have put together a centralized place for the christian jazz artists to become informed and especially to feel a sense of community. Some people thing Christian jazz is a total oxymoron and doesn't exist in reality...I am thrilled to have found your network!" -. Deanna Jones Orchestra

"I discovered your music on the web page for the Christian Jazz Artists Network.  I had been doing hits and listening to clips of the female artists on the website.  That's how I found out about your CD.  Your 3 audio clips just blew me away. So I ordered your CD I can't wait to hear the whole CD.  I am just beginning to build a collection of Christian jazz!" - (CJA Network web site customer.)

"I work hard and enjoy what I do for a living performing and composing... I know my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ what more can I want? Also, I feel that the work you do with the Christian Jazz Artists Network is vitally important!" - Louie Bellson (Drummer/Composer)

"The interview in the CJA Newsletter with Louie Bellson was great! I had no idea he was a Christian as is often the case when you are not "allowed" to hear about it anywhere else. Keep up the good work...  You, the CJA Network, and Smooth Pizzazz Radio are a blessing!" - Camp Kirkland (Arranger/Big Band Leader)

"Thanks for providing and producing the new CJA Network compilation CD!  I think it's a great collection with a wide variety of styles, colors and formats.  It truly demonstrates the high quality of creativity that exists among jazz lovers in the Christian marketplace--and it's fun to listen to! Thanks again for your marvelous ministry! - Ken Barker  (Word Entertainment)

I enjoy being a part of the CJA Network and also enjoyed the two  network compilations CD's very much! Keep up the good work! - Ralph Carmichael (Composer/Arranger and Big Band Leader)


"The CJA Network is a unique one of a kind vehicle for jazz musicians who are Christians. I really appreciate being a part of it! very much!" -  Jazz Keyboardist Ray Lyon (CJA Network Member)


"Thanks to the airing on Smooth Pizzazz Internet Radio my Christian/Gospel music library has taken on a new shine. I'm telling all of my Gospel music and jazz loving friends about the CJA Network and this great internet radio station" -  Jazz Pianist Chuck Marohnic (CJA Network Member)


"I am amazed at the number of Christian Jazz Artists and variety of great quality Christian jazz music represented in the network!! Keep up all the good work that you do for helping to spread the gospel with swing!!!" -  Jeff  Anderson (arranger and instrumental director at, "Friends Church"  Franklin First Baptist Church, Franklin, TN)


"Just a quick note to say thanks for supporting the Java, Jazz, and Praise Radio with CDs for airplay.  I use selections from your Networks Compilation CD's,  "Hymn Favorites" and "Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs" quite often. I have also played Alex Acuna, Justo Almario, Ralph Carmichael and many of your CJA Network Members for years on the program.  I am thrilled to see these fine artists and others join your network. The Christian Jazz Artists Network is a highly valued resource for Jazz Artists!"  Thank you and keep up the great work! - Ernie Lansford (Java, Jazz, and Praise Radio)

CJA Network Membership Information

The CJA Network was formed for the purpose of promoting Christian Jazz Artists, their music, and their faith. We are joining together to celebrate the musical gifts that God has given us and are "jazzed" about God, music and life!!!! And it is indeed a blessing to share with others a similar passion for God as well as jazz!  What a great opportunity for Christian Artists to unite together to promote both God and the gifts HE has so graciously given us! That is the main purpose for the CJA Network!.

5 reasons why Christians who play jazz should be involved with our network! 

1) Being connected with others who share a similar passion for both God and jazz is a wonderful thing!
 We are a group of Christian musicians who love jazz and our network helps us connect and relate to one another! Our network allows us like, "wires that cross at regular intervals" to share our music and our resources with one another and (thanks to the internet) with the entire world!! Collaborating with other Christian musicians on recording projects is a joy and much easier thanks to technology. But playing with other Christian jazzers in a live setting is wonderful too and we encourage collaborations between network members! 
2) By joining together we can create, establish, and maintain a market for Christian Jazz.  By celebrating the musical gifts God has given us we can continue to gain momentum and enthusiasm for God and for jazz! There is an incredible amount of increased interest in integrating more jazz into worship and Christian Jazz Concerts. People are tired of hearing the same style of music over and over and jazz fuses many styles and genres together and is a refreshing change for countless thousands. Jazz is refreshing and improvising adds an element of hearing something different every time. 
3) A centralized web site where Christians who love jazz can post their bios, CD's, and charts so that others can easily obtain CD's, charts, and other Jazz related worship resources.  We list a brief bio, photo, CD graphics or other related instructional material/charts, DVD's, video, CD-r  with links directly to the artists shopping carts/web sites!
4) Together we can create a visible internet presence that provides encouragement, strength, and support to other musicians who may be discouraged or just starting out.  Being able to go to one centralized location and find out about all the incredible music that God has blessed us all with is a powerful testimony to both Christians, and to those that aren't, that God is the source of our creativity! And this definitely gives God the glory!!
5)  By joining together we can make a greater impact on others who hunger and thirst to know exactly what it is what we are jazzed about!! Sharing the connection between spirituality and music with others is a great place to start.
Membership Services
There is a one time setup fee of $50.00 fee to be listed on the Christian Jazz Artist Network page and for all the other promotional services. This fee helps cover web site, processing, and other promotional expenses.  
To be considered for membership in the CJA Network we need to hear your music first. You must submit your CD's to us or if you have a web site or web page we need the URL location so we can hear audio samples and visit there as well. Once we have heard your music we will notify you by e-mail whether you have an invitation to join our network or not. If you do not meet our musical standards to qualify we will give you a brief statement as to why. 

To be considered as a member of the CJA Network and be listed on our site e-mail us stating your desire to do so. CD's can be mailed to:

Christian Jazz Artists Network  

P.0. Box 87

Elm Springs, AR  72728

We want to encourage those who are developing their musical gifts and talents to continue to do so. We have our JAzz ED page with some of the best Jazz, Gospel, and Blues instruction material you will find anywhere! The joy of learning and celebrating your musical gifts is indeed a very precious gift and to be savored! We also encourage you to become a subscriber to our monthly newsletter and our Christian Jazz e-mail discussion group. so you are connected to our group and kept informed about Christian Jazz events, concerts, workshops, and other important news. Our Christian Jazz discussion group covers topics that deal with jazz, spirituality, and how these subjects relate and connect.

 Celebrate today and be jazzed!